Friday, February 21, 2014

Do Bigfoot Cover Their Tracks ?

I am rereading Mary Green’s excellent book “50 Years with Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence”. Many called Mary crazy and a tried to ruin her reputation but the results of the Ketchum DNA Study and increased reports of Bigfoot behavior that are documented in her book to have occurred 30 years ago has vindicated Mary Green and her co-Author Janice Carter Coy. 

One of the behaviors documented in Mary’s book is covering of the tracks. Janice reported that the Bigfoot would take branches from trees and wipe out their tracks in the dirt. That they would also do this in the grass not to leave bent over stalks that could give them away. Janice reported that the Bigfoot would walk backwards sweeping away any tracks left as they went. (Pages 150-151)

The place where Janice lived and the events happen that are recorded in the book is only 10 miles from my research area. Discussions with Mary Green have led me to believe that I am dealing with relatives and/or decedents of the Bigfoot that Mary has written about. 

I have been documenting Bigfoot visitations to my home for over three years. Last summer I noticed one had been lying under my back deck, staining the clay dirt black with its dander. 

Also that summer I had an incident where something knocked on my basement window and woke me up during the night. The following morning I found a large tuff of hair caught in the holly bushes around my window.

In the back yard I found a limb lying beside the deck. The limb was from a tree that does not grow in my yard. (Sassafras) Did the Bigfoot use the limb to fluff the grass backup where they had trampled it?

Also Janice told of another interesting thing that she witnesses the Bigfoot doing back in 1979/80. She said many times she observed them walking somewhere then carefully walking backwards in their own tracks to make it appear that they just disappeared into thin air. (Page151 - Note Fox is a male Bigfoot, Sheba is his female mate)

This sounds extremely familiar! There are many modern reports of Bigfoot tracks ending in the middle of a muddy or snow covered field, making it appear that the Bigfoot just diapered into thin air. Is this what they are doing? Expertly and carefully walking backwards in their own tracks to fool and baffle us?

I applaud Mary Green for her many decades of dedication to Bigfoot research and I am glad to see her work and her being vindicated after years of baseless/malicious ridicule. 

Links to the Ketchum DNA Study

Documentation of the DNA samples collected and tested from the Carter Farm and other areas that Mary Green and Janice Carter provided.


  1. I am also rereading the book “50 Years with Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence”. I got it in 2011 and reread it every winter. There is a lot of good and interesting info in this. There are quite a few things in the book that parallel what I find while out researching. Mary Green did a good job with this book and her other book "Night Shadows; A Journal Of Hominid Research". Both are good books to have if you're a bigfoot researcher.

  2. Does anyone know if this book is available? The last time I checked
    with the Bigfoot Book guy in Bluff Creek, he knew of a copy that sold
    for $100 and that's out of an old man's price range. I still think Mary
    and Janice both had unique experiences that are not to be taken

  3. Scott you do good research BUT you do said research no favor by relying on the MK study for affirmation. There is a reason the double blind studies are considered the most effective. Your need for personal vindication cannot be achieved through any study you are a part of; particularly when such a study is the subject of controversy.
    For instance Sample 26 is not your sample so it is not your place to speak on or defend, doing so can only comeback and bite you in the ass and compromise not only your name but any valid research you do. You do good work so I would hate to see the baby get thrown out with the bath water.