Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to Bigfoot Research - Return Visit to the Zapping Video

I return to the area where many viewers thought I captured a Bigfoot. Below is the video documenting the follow-up.


  1. Scott, I believe that the sasquatch genome project has ample evidence of sasquatch existence, but the media has not provided the publicity to bring it to the attention of the public. I feel that is partly because it is being presented as science, as it truly is. But science is dry. It is not entertaining, amusing, or musically and visually appealing. I have an idea that would bring all that to the table, but I don't have the connections to get it implemented. It would be educational and conform with the goals of the sasquatch genome project by humanizing the subject. It would feed on the popularity of another site that gets not a million, but hundreds of millions of hits per month and it is a subject of common discourse among the general population at all ages. Please contact me with an e-mail address so that I can discuss the idea with you by phone. Of course if it turns out to be a successful business venture, you would be properly accomodated for your assistance, as you openly and honestly admit you are "in it for the money". Please delete this comment after reading it. We all know how the internet can be subverted and abused. If you choose not to contact me, please delete this comment and post a short reply saying "no thanks pap" so I at least know that you have seen it. Thank you for your consideration..

  2. Years ago a buddy and I started turkey hunting. Upon hearing a gobbler we worked our way up the ridge and set up calling. After about 20 minutes the gobbler lost interest and departed the area.
    Just about the time we were going to move, a tree stump about 30
    yards away stood up. The hunter had gotten there first and didn't
    move and was virtually invisible to us. Standing or sitting still one is
    able to remain undetected fairly easily in heavy brush. Our eyes are
    trained to detect movement that means a threat.

  3. Thanks, Scott. It is nice to see you back out on the trail. Any idea what that little white orb is just under the curved limb to the lower right of your outlines just below the bottom arrow. It keeps going up & down not sideways like the other light off the leaves?

  4. Is it a bigfoot? I'm leaning toward it is. Something is clearly there and it doesn't appear to be shadows.

  5. Looks good my friend. I agree with Greg,as in it looks to be something other than shadows and brush. Awesome work Scott!! This absolutely amazed me,when reading about it,and seeing the video. The fact that you were ticked,about the lack of activity,and you made a direct challenge,and the subject obviously KNEW what you meant,and responded,for what reason is any ones guess,,I mean seriously!!! LOL! A lot of folks can write it off to coincidence,for sure. But,I don't think that's the case,and I think you know better than me,lol.
    Keep up the cutting edge research man! And take care out there! And,,HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!