Thursday, September 19, 2013

Listen as I am interviewed on "The Joe Show"

I will be appearing on the The Joe Show on Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at 11:00 PM. Tune in and listen as I talk about my research.

The Joe Show


  1. Great job on the show Scott! You did great, I wish you coulda had more time to talk but hopefully they have you on again soon

  2. Scott, sorry I missed it all but the last two minutes.
    I couldn't get out of the recliner. I emailed The Joe Show to see if the will have in their archives. I promise not to miss the next one.

  3. Ok, it's Sunday evening and I just listened to the show.
    The Joe Show has it up on their archives. Good job Scott. Looking forward to the next show. Thanks for
    defending Melba. When you're right there is no sense
    backing down.

  4. Great interveiw Scott! Outstanding. The segment about the DNA Study was really enlightening,and much appreciated.
    What I found interesting tho,is after you talked about the bug spray incident,no one seemed to notice the signifigance behind that. As in the Big Guys KNEW what you were doing,and why you were coughing,and carrying on,,and they decided to help you out,with a bit of mother natures repellant! That,my friends,is what I consider amazing!