Friday, September 20, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Possible Residential Visit

I found five feathers stuck in a crack in my drive way and a steak bone on my back deck. This fits the pattern of previous Bigfoot visits to my house. The feathers were not in the drive way the day before and there had been no rain in at least two days. The bone left on the back deck railing was not there the night before because I sat on the deck the night before and nothing was there.


  1. I think your forest buddies are just letting you know they have their eyes on you. Happily, I think they mean it in a benign if not benevolent way. Keep up the great work Scott!

  2. Scott never cease to amaze me with your awareness . most people would have not noticed and just driven over those feathers or a wind or rain would have moved them .How exciting for them when they see you stop..and notice their presence .
    I live on the edge of the wilderness...they do come through here every fall and if ther's a bon fire ..I can walk around the next morning and see where they sat and watched . They leave bones ,walnut shells (we have no walnut trees ) feathers etc. also ,where they've sat they will poke neat little holes , and even make things with tree roots and gravel. I do have pics .I have been growled at when I got too close ! have actually seen one up the mountain as it went down a cliff .
    One thing I wanted to tell you Scott...we did put up servailance cameras last year as we didn't know if some one was messing with us ...we took them down after a couple months because at night...orbs just like in your photos....would set them off and record them . we couldn't see them with our eyes , but they showed up on the cameras. This kinda weirded us out so we took them down . Now I wonder how and if they have anything to do with the sasquatch.
    You sharing all your research has helped us to see this is normal ...just unnoticed and researched. There is SO much more to them people realize and you've uncovered more than anyone else so far Scott ! You really are on a unique track here.
    Thanks again Scott for all your time and energy ..and clear explanations !

    1. Kay,
      My name is Greg Craddock and I am an amateur researcher in East TN near the Smokies National Park and over the past year and a half likewise have a habituation fairly regular around my home. It seems to be more active in the spring, fall and some winter months here.
      Your situation sounds a lot like ours. We live on the opposite end of the same national park from where Scott lives. We live on 5 acres on the side of a mountain and can practically see the national park from our backyard. Having campfires is something that we do on a regular basis at our home. We have a good-sized thickly wooded hill behind our house where the Bigfoot like to come and sit and watch as we have our campfires. There and a few places down the hill from our house in the woods and the trees. We can always tell when they show up either from the sounds they make, their footsteps, or from their eyes glowing in the dark. Several times I have gone into the areas where they were the next day and have found straw or leaves matted down where they were sitting and small trees woven together. I have also found in those areas small saplings and brush "snipped" off a few inches from the ground. Where they were snipped off it was done very cleanly... almost as if someone was using clippers. I was wondering if you would mind if I sent you a few pictures of these areas and compare them to yours. Also could you let me know if you have seen any brush or saplings snipped off like this in your areas? No one I've shown these too seems to have an answer and you're the first person I've run into with such a similar situation. My question has always been what other animal could do this. Thanks and please let me know!

  3. Sasquash Ontario aka manasoocan has YouTube posted photos of orbs in the Sasquatch habitation area he is researching in Canada. There is a kernel of truth in all cultural legends and mythology, ie the Flood. I believe the First Nations people are spot on with Bigfoot as a flesh and blood creature and at the same time a demensional spirit being. The impression is the orbs are Bigfoot'a spirit guides/overseers, and coorelate with the high strangeness of Sasquatch that the field researchers are witnessing. As more proof is presented in the DNA maternal human origin of these creatures, and hopefully to source the unknown paternal origin, I have a question.

    If hybrid known animals are generally infertile, how is it possible for hybrid humans, as the Bigfoot is now classified by some, to reproduce after thousands of years of their reported existence? It could be genetic manipulation by beings from another demension, referred to as ETs, or fallen angels as suggested by the biblical book of Genesis.

    Any way, Scott Carpenter, thank you for your field research and presentations. BTW, in your most recent video of the feathers in the driveway cracks, you look sad or troubled.

  4. light of Kay's comments and your theory of the Sasquatch displaying possible prisoner behavior I wonder if the orbs could be the guards??? Something to think about...