Wednesday, September 25, 2013

David Paulides Answers Questions On The Site - Above Top Secret

David Paulides took the time to answer questions on the web site Above Top Secret. Dave received questions concerning topics like Bigfoot, DNA, UFO's, and Missing 411.

Click here to see question and answers with David Paulides


  1. Having read all three of David Paullides' books on missing people
    I admire his reluctance to bring forth a self-held theory. Better to let
    everyone read and form their own conclusions. I'll take a walk on the
    edge and say what I think. If we take a small percentage of just bad
    luck out of the equation, a small percentage of sick criminal activity,
    a small percentage of animal attacks, a small percentage of folks
    just wanting to disappear, we are still left with some not so easy
    missing people cases that leave a big question mark. I think it is time
    to bring in the UFO abduction theory and ask ourselves honestly if
    bigfoot has any connection to it.

    1. On Coast To Coast AM Sept 29, David Paulides said the
      Mutual UFO Network is starting to examine the stories.

    2. Thanks a million for the info Mr Old Man! I was unawares of this,and will be sure to listen in. When it comes to learning the absolute facts of Bigfoot/Sasquatch,I unequivocally trust Scott. (And,if I may add,I have learned more from this one gentlemen,than I could've from 12 others in three lifetimes,lol!)
      When it comes to learning about more mysterious,if not sometimes,well,terrifying in nature,(and for surrounding/paralleling fields/arenas of study,that may/may not directly deal with the matter at hand) I trust David Paulides. Also unequivocally.
      On an unrelated note,it's getting rather tiresome,hearing about a couple other "big time",or "prominent" groups in the wide,wild world of Internet Bigfootery. I would refer to them as "research" groups,however,as I understand the term research,in its purest form,is to take a subject,item,phenomena,and completely and totally investigate the said interests,and all possible aspects,parallels,and relations,then deeming them relevant,or not,and to make findings and conclusions,data known,without the need or inclusion of bias,and/or personal agendas. Data has no agenda. It has no need for bias. It exists,to better our understanding. Or,as David Paulides states,rather well,"Clarity".
      To bring up certain subjects,related to the Bigfoot/Sasquatch legacy,is kin to a felony crime,in some places. That's unfortunate,for how is one to say they are a researcher,and souly dedicated,and relentlessly pursuing the truth,if they dare not publish accounts,reports,or events,that bring these complex and diverse subjects into play?
      Years from now,N.A.B.S will be known,as a Research Group,that stepped into the mystery that has been known for decades,as Bigfoot/Sasquatch/wildman,and after a handful of years,through determination,dedication,and rigorous standards in investigations that would make F.B.I agents everywhere envious,and,even if alone,in the basement of his mansion,mr mainstream science smile,(although he would NEVER admit it,,LOL!!),,delivered answers that have been a long time in waiting,and made the impossible,100% fact.
      Absolutely outstanding gentlemen!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Scott. I own all three books myself,and have recently finished reading "North America and Beyond" for a third time. IMHO,David has uncovered THE most widespread,complex,and absolutely terrifying phenomena,and series of mysteries of our time. I would go so far to venture saying,perhaps out of all time,in human history,if and when all the verdicts are in and the facts understood. Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors should be familiar with this study. And,you can tell immeaditly,by some comments made out in the public,about if the person making the comments have never even read the books,or may have read them,but not understood all the factors,and the data about these cases. Absolutely mind blowing,the implications.