Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Residential Visits - Message Received, Answered, and Acknowledged

I discover more activity at my residence and I also think I figured out what the feathers and bone were all about.



  1. Maybe the feathers in the driveway were a "pretty please"? : )
    Congrats on figuring out the puzzle! Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. Looks like your dog food bill is going to go up again. Lol!

  2. When we look at the traits we have given bigfoot, some good some
    not so good, taking food from a container on a back porch like a child
    stealing cookies is puzzling. While the trust factor must be very strong, one cannot help but wonder if they don't think about being seen or even placed in a compromising position. One thing I have been wondering about Scott, have you ever noticed a time, date, moon phase, weather sequence or anything that seems to correspond with a visit?

    1. old man, thats just what i was thinking, you asked the question for me.

    2. I have noticed the following about the frequency of the visits from data gathered over the last year:

      During the winter they averaged visiting and taking dog food twice a week. The days of the week varied, like they were aware not to be predictable.

      Activity seems to happen 3 hours after sundown regardless of the time of year.

      During the summer months the visits are less frequent at once every two weeks.

      They begin to increase in frequency in late September early October.

  3. Scott,
    Good video. The last clue the gave you, the top of a dog food bag is very interesting. The Bigfoot had to go and find the top of a dog food bag! The top of the bag came from an open bag of dog food, and that is what they wanted from you, an open bag, or your case a dog foot bin instead. Maybe it was from cat food, but that took some thinking on their part.