Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Bigfoot Encounter Preview

This is a preview of an upcoming video. I was able to completely document a Bigfoot encounter I had back In January of 2012. The encounter includes me finding a fresh footprint, seeing the Bigfoot dart between the trees in front of me, experiencing infrasound, and capturing the Bigfoot on my "back trail" camera.



  1. Oh please, oh please, skip the music on the actual end product. It's just annoying and does nothing to further the case.

    By the way, love your work. Your theory on infra-sound is interesting and shows that your mind is quite open to new ideas. Oh, and not to mention your bravery in the face of all that happens to you out there in the forest is awesome.

  2. Outstanding work, Scott. Can't wait for the final product. I wonder if blowing a whistle would break the
    big guy's concentration required for the infra-sound.

  3. Yea,previews usually do not phase me. Don't even matter. However,in this case,it is the complete opposite,lol! Can't wait to check this out Scott. Looks to be a very intense encounter. I am curious about something,and I'm sure it will be addressed in the video. I was wondering if this is one of your regular research areas,and if you suspect that this is a member of the regular group you've been interacting with,or perhaps a stranger Bigfoot passing through? Wow,,if that makes any sense,in a traditional way,lol. A stranger Bigfoot. Well,reason I was wondering,I remember you've experienced the "zap" a couple times,but if I recalll correctly its been a while. Just curious to why this incident transpired.
    I've been involved in some research that may interest you,as well. It's still in the beginning stages,but it involves encounters with other cryptids,and a few collectively interesting observations,as far as various weirdness,and possible abilitys,involving close encounters,and abilitys,while different form Bigfoot/Sasquatch,tho interesting,and perhaps troubling none the less.
    Can't wait till you debut the footage Scott! If the past is an indicator,I'm sure it will be fascinating,and as always investagted in a professional and exemplary fashion. Outstanding Sir!

  4. Scott ....can't wait to get the whole experience . By the way ....enjoyed the music , it helps to get the heart beating a little faster , like I imagine your heart was when you had this experience ! I wonder if it's one that is familiar with you , but practising his infra sound on you , knowing it's not really harming you . They seem to like to play with you at times ( from what I read in your book ) You've really managed to whet our appetites for your upcoming video ....well done .