Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New "Dogman" Blog - Dogman - The Monsters are Real

I have created a new blog called Dogman - The Monsters are Real. I felt it necessary to separate out videos and experiences I have had with this Cryptid from my Bigfoot research. This is a simple blog where I have posted videos, pictures, and my experiences of this creature. Though I am not officially researching the Dogman I wanted to provide some basic information and relate any past and future experiences I have with this Cryptid. It seems that these guys just show up when you least expect it.

I invite you to visit this blog and look around. If you have any comments or information that would be pertinent please feel free to let me know.

Click Here to Visit - Dogman - The Monsters are Real


  1. Sure hope I don't run into these guys.

    1. Fun Facts: A Black Bear has a range of 8 to 80 sq miles about 51,200 acres. A Gray Wolf has a range of 25 to 150 sq miles about 96,000 acres. The Great Smokey Mountains covers 816 sq miles about 522,000 acres. State of Tennessee is about 230 miles long on the East side & it would take a man 76 hours to walk from Chattanooga to Bristol. I would think it would be a good chance, maybe a very good chance. Thanks for your Silent Calling, I am enjoying it.

  2. Scott,I wanted to say.Thanks again,for keeping true to your experiences-and values,ethics,and moral obligations of being a Researcher. From what I've seen,and read,these creatures have been seen by many,and far too often,leaving scars upon everyday people's minds,and inner peace. What you have done,is beyond exceptional,and maybe something of huge importantance. And that's to provide the public,and the Bigfoot/cryptid community,video evidence of something that's been whispered about for ages. I know many folks are uncomfortable about this subject,but I feel it's imperative they are aware of these beings. I watched the Monsters are Real video a couple nites ago,that you shared on Google+. I haven't seen it in a while,but after watching the first few seconds,that cold,creeping dread showed up,perhaps more intense than the first time,when I seen it first released. Wow. I couldn't imagine how you felt,when discovering this creature was behind you,as you were reviewing the footage at home.
    Thanks again my friend,and looking forward to the next awesome posts and pics! Take Care.