Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bigfoot Activity - National Park Feeding Station Update July 2013

I established a new feeding station in April of this year in the area where I collected the samples for the DNA project. At the feeding station I setup a rock stack, mock stick structure, and an area to leave food. Over the past 3 months some interesting things have happen.

In April of 2013 I left a food gift of two apples. I return to find the apples gone and two sticks left in their place.

I leave behind two more apples and place an arrangement of sticks and rocks beside the apples.

I also set a rock stack near the food gift.

I setup the mock stick structure with a limb wedged into the formation balanced parallel to the ground.

When I return in July 2013 I find that many things have been disturbed. The impression was that the Bigfoot are not happy with me. In April I placed some trail cameras nearby and it is apparent that the Bigfoot are not happy about this. I did remove them on the July visit.

The apples were missing, the sticks were missing and only 3 rocks left on the log.

The rock stack has been tumbled over.

The final and most apparent sign that the Bigfoot are not happy with me is the mock stick structure. The limb that I had wedged into the tee-pee and was balances had been pulled out and snapped in two.

Below is the limb on the ground. It has been pulled out and snapped into two pieces. I am unable to find the other half.

I think this was a display of displeasure with the fact that I placed four cameras in the area. I did remove the cameras and I will be interested to see what their response is on my next visit.


  1. I am planning to go North West Ontario, Canada
    in August for a fishing trip. But I have a feeling my spotting scope and binoculars will be
    used more than my fishing rod. The friend who is
    taking me has made the trip a few times before
    tells me rock stacks are quite common in the area where we will be. He has no interest in bigfoot.
    Maybe I can change his mind.

  2. Scott,

    Did you get any images on the cameras during the time they were set up?

  3. Scott, you have done amazing research, I look forward to seeing what you have discovered next! I'm curious if they try communicating vocally with you? They can mimic animals and have heard you speaking to them.

  4. As always,,fascinating as the day is long Scott. Outstanding Sir!