Friday, July 12, 2013

Bigfoot Research Update - Gift and Hair

On a recent trip to the public research area I returned to my truck and found a crow feather placed on the ground beside the drivers side door. The feather was not there when I arrived.

In April of this year (2013) I had a eventful night at my home. Dogs barking, window knocked on, and footprints found. When I investigated the Hollie bushes near window that knocked on I found reddish/brown hair snagged in the bush.

I also found this tree limb laying in my side yard. There were no storms or high winds that night. The break was clean and it appeared to have been snapped off a tree approximately 30 feet away. The lowest reachable limbs on this tree are 8 feet off the ground. Mary Green documented in her Book, 50 Years With Bigfoot-Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence, that on more than one occasion the Bigfoot were observed dragging tree limbs behind them to cover up any footprints. They would also do this when walking across grass to raise the blades back up after they had been compressed by their foot falls.


  1. Continuing on my theme of "Who's studying whom" - when did the thought about Mary Green's recollection of Bigfoot using a branch to erase footprints occur to you?

    A very interesting post about the Skookum Cast, especially the circumstances, by Thom Powell.

  2. More high strangeness:

    "The other race is that being offered a dwelling in this density by guardians who wish to give the mind/body/spirit complexes of those who are of this density at this time appropriately engineered physical vehicles, as you would call these chemical complexes, in the event that there is what you call nuclear war.

    9.19 Questioner: I didn’t understand what these vehicles or beings were for that were appropriate in the event of nuclear war.

    Ra: I am Ra. These are beings which exist as instinctual second-density beings which are being held in reserve to form what you would call a gene pool in case these body complexes are needed. These body complexes are greatly able to withstand the rigors of radiation which the body complexes you now inhabit could not do.

    9.20 Questioner: Where are these body complexes located?

    Ra: I am Ra. These body complexes of the second race dwell in uninhabited deep forest. There are many in various places over the surface of your planet.

    9.21 Questioner: Are they Bigfoot-type creatures?

    Ra: I am Ra. This is correct although we would not call these Bigfoot, as they are scarce and are very able to escape detection. The first race is less able to be aware of proximity of other mind/body/spirit complexes, but these beings are very able to escape due to their technological understandings before their incarnations here. These entities of the glowing eyes are those most familiar to your peoples.

    9.22 Questioner: Then there are two different types of Bigfoot. Correct?

    Ra: I am Ra. This will be the final question.

    There are three types of Bigfoot, if you will accept that vibratory sound complex used for three such different races of mind/body/spirit complexes. The first two we have described.

    The third is a thought-form "

    It would appear that the Planet is being slowly irradiated:

    As to the third being a Thought-Form, Thom Powell discusses The Coconut Telegraph here:

  3. I just posted the same link on the previous DNA post, but not everyone goes back....

    If you have some time on this beautiful Sunday, here is a very interesting video which you may enjoy!

    "Evolution of Life On Other Planets: Even the Gods Have Gods"

  4. Scott,glad to see your still having some fascinating activity!! That's awesome. Been waiting to see some more results of field work,as I have no doubt some great stuff is going to be obtained this year,if your last years worth of activity repeats! Thanks for sharing,this is definitely interesting!!