Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Images Speak For Themselves

This is a montage of the images of Bigfoot, hair, gifts, and foot prints I have documented over the past four years.


  1. Thank you Scott- it's always fascinating.

    Here is a website I found many years ago - and then went away, and then came back. Your exploration of the site is dependent upon your level of curiosity. There is lots of good stuff there.

    Here is the Site:

    One of my favourite videos:

    Believe as you will.

    "As only life can produce life, and as the young Earth was devoid of all the essential ingredient, we must conclude that the first living creatures to appear on Earth, must have come from other planets.

    Our ancestors, and their DNA, journeyed here from the stars. "

  2. Origin of Life 1. Life Came From Other Planets. Myth of the Organic Soup

  3. As the investigation becomes Stranger:

    "Pulsar Technology

    Is it possible that pulsars could be engineered objects? Unlike Sagan, who accepted the conventional model of a pulsar but wondered if ETI could be adding fine-grained modulation, LaViolette proposes a way in which the steady emissions of white dwarf or X-ray stars could be focused into the pulses we see. He explains that ETI might be using projected magnetic fields to focus the particle flux from these stars into a nearly-collimated beam of synchrotron radiation. He points to rumors of present-day military technology that projects force fields and aerial plasmoids. Sagan's "smoke signal blanket" is retained after all."

    Is he Lying?

    Charles Hall and The Tall Whites.

    You decide:

    It was my friend, who many years ago saw a Dogman, on a late night trip to Whitewater, WI.

  4. Scott. We had my sons 11 th birthday party at the ranch here in Comfort Texas Saturday night My sister tied feathers in the trees on Joshua Creek with leather twine Friday night. On Saturday. Every feather was untied and gone. She was shocked. I just smiled. When I see the blue jay feathers you were left it reminds me that these items have significance do them. You were given feathers. Ours were taken, eagle, turkey , ostrich and peacock. I wonder if you have any thoughts on their views of featherls and their significance.

  5. Scott, I found this comment on a youtube video that you might find interesting because of your "dogman" sightings:

    With Lemur DNA showing up in the Bigfoot DNA studies, this could explain why some sightings look canine. A Lemur profile does have a more projected shape than the flatter profile of a chimp or gorilla. If there is giant Lemur genes in this animal it's possible that some of them may carry these traits which make their appearance look more "dog like"...and yes...I really wish Strieber would shut up.