Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Something from the "Twilight Zone"

Something caught my attention and I stopped long enough to zoom in on the area. When I did not see anything in the field I moved on. Later review showed what appears to be something in a white cloak. What is it? If it was nothing then what caused me to stop and investigate the area? This kind of thing has been happening with more frequency in the last year. The longer I do Bigfoot Research the stranger things get!


  1. At 0:34, if you look to the far right of the frame, about half way down, you see dog's head quite clearly.

    1. I see what you are seeing - but that is a play of light and shadows on the trunk of a small tree.

      What I am seeing now is very strange - Scott - did you see it?

      Starting with your slow motion video at the 1:29 mark - there is something - resembling a small acorn - beginning to move. It is light, and then turns dark. It crosses left to right - and I can CLEARLY notice it going BEHIND and then if FRONT of branches and leaves - which indicates to me that this small object is not a camera artifact or reflection. it passes in front of the tree in the dark portion to the right. Jog slowly through the 1:31 mark.

    2. I sent you an E-mail with screenshots and my opinion. The earliest I believe I can detect movement is at the 1:24 mark as it disappears behind the limb on the left side before emerging on the right side. It appears to accelerate very rapidly and go behind and in front of objects. .

    3. Kinda looks like a small bird. IMHO

  2. Scott,this is defininty something! I can't make out what it is. But,,what hit me,the first and second time watching this.., I know how shadows and shapes,,and how different folks can interpret what their seeing very differently. You may have already noticed this,,but just in case,,,
    The first part of your footage here,,at the first part when you pause the clip,and highlight the figure,,to the left of the upper,or center arrow,a little ways below that arrow,I see what I can only describe as a "grey" E.B.E,,only not grey,,but white. I mean the eyes have that defining shape. That's spooky stuff. And,it appears to be the same color as the cape!! Just thought I'd mention it,,for it strikes me as a shocking similarity to many descriptions,and drawings of these other worldly beings. Thanks for sharing this!! I'm still hung up,or stumped,,on the trail cam pic you posted a while back,at nite,that shows something stepping into the very left of the frame.,stopping,,,and appearing to change shape. Most folks would consider this very bizzare,,but,,considering you have HD footage of a dogman,,with an unknown entity on its shoulder/back,,I guess if this something darned strange ,,it'll be business as usual,huh? Lol!!!

  3. That's my first time on You-Tube and it's kind of frustrating. The second attempt is better than the first - but now I can see how much detail is lost.

    I hope it helps.