Sunday, May 26, 2013

More Ancient Ruins in Bigfoot Research Area

Possible Burial Site
I returned to the area where I documented the rock columns and began to survey the area. It appears there was a large complex in this area. I found rock walls, a possible ruin of a large structure, stone entrance, boulders with tool or machine marks, rock columns, and possible burial sites.

I found on interesting rock that appears to have been shaped. Note the "+" etched into the side. Is this a tool mark?

Below are the remants of a large structure. On first look it looks like a out of place boulder field but upon closer inspection I noticed the area was square. You could also see boulders that were "fitted" together. This structure was 165 feet long and 125 feet wide.

 I also found rock wall ruins that surrounds the entire area.

In what appears to be a inner court yard I found a amazing gate. Note how the end is squared off. Please note all these structures are "laid" they have no mortar.

Large boulders with notches cut in them?

Finally I find a stone circle with a pointed stone in the middle.


  1. Fascinating Scott. I came across a free movie on youtube about similar rock formations in southern Indiana. It's very interesting. Here is the link if you're interested.

  2. Wow! VERY interesting. Clearly, whoever did this is intelliegent.

  3. BF AND very old stone formations? Looks like you have enough material to keep you busy for many years Scott,. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing this interesting find.

  4. Btw,just a thought. That sharp stone in the middle of the ring of small stones,,that looks very peculiar. I wonder if it has any significance as possible use age,like a sun dial? Maybe not,but that's what it brings to mind,ESP with that sharp angel,and positioning.


    I suggest you take a look at this site. Tom Hendrix built a mile-long rock wall in northwest Alabama as a memorial to his great-great-grandmother, a Yuchi Indian who traveled the Trail of Tears.

    Read more: