Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Identifying Unique Individuals

I compare all my Bigfoot footage to see if the individual matches video taken on a prior date. I do this in an attempt to identify individual Bigfoot that live in my research area. It is difficult enough to get video of them once. Getting the same one more than once is rare.

I think I have such a case from my public research area. In July of 2010 I felt like I was being watched so I stopped and filmed the area for approximately five minutes. Upon review I found the below Bigfoot hiding in the dense vegetation. 

Six months later in February of 2011, approximately one half a mile away from the above location, I catch the below Bigfoot on my back trail camera.

These two have similar facial features and the head is shaped the same, are they the same Bigfoot?

 I think it is very important to start identifying individual Bigfoot to establish are they living here year round or just passing through. The evidence so far suggest that I have a core group that stay year round and visitors pass through during the warmer months. 



  1. It would be interesting to determine if they are
    migratory or if they remain in one area. And if
    they remain in one home range, how large the area is. The cougar for instance, calls a 100sq.
    miles his back yard. Though the availibilty of
    food resources dictate travel plans.

  2. This is something I've been wondering about. Do they stay year round? And if they leave, when activity starts back up is it the same group returning? I had a lot of activity around our home last year. Basically from April through Christmas. After that it completely cut off. We didn't notice a thing until about a month ago when things started happening again. The footsteps in the woods, eyeglow, objects strangely being moved and just recently... rock clacking and vocalizations. So far things seem to be very familiar except this year they seem to be taking things a little further. At night while out on the porch we've had what we think was a stick thrown into the yard and a on a different occasion a good size rock. I want to say its the same ones except for the "new" activities. Keeps me wondering.
    I have a question Scott... Awhile back you made a sign with cherokee writing on it. Did you ever seem to get a response directly related to the sign?

    1. No direct response to the sign. The area is a very active feeding station, but for what ever reason the ignore he sign and just take the food...

  3. IMO,too close to call,lol. I can say,both are awesome pictures!! Outstanding Scott.
    As for Greg's excellent comment,I've always wondered that as well. A lot of Native American accounts,ESP from the north,up even into Canada,talks about them traveling with the food,weather and such. It will be interesting in the years ahead,if there will be a way this can be learned,or studied.

  4. If you look closely at the color picture, it looks like a Totem pole of faces