Monday, April 29, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Stealth Mode - Part 2

I had a close encounter with a Big foot in "Stealth Mode". In the National Park it was squatting on the side of the trail. It was reflecting the foliage around it and was dark green. Not all of the Bigfoot was cloaked and you could make out the eyes, the corner of its mouth, and the general body shape. I had not clue that the Bigfoot was on an arms length away from me as I walked by it. 

On of the more interesting aspects of the video is after I pass the Bigfoot leaves stealth mode and turns black again. You can see it crawl out in the trail behind me as I walk away filming my back trail.


  1. Great video Scott! I believe your theory about cloaking. There are many videos I have seen with blurry images that I know are some kind of creature. They are easy for me to spot somehow. I just look for areas in the video that are darker in shades to its surroundings and usually through photo editing I can see more detail. Also, have you been able to watch the video I sent you on Youtube? It's related to dogman from your Deception Part 1 video. I pieced together footage and photos with my interpretations.
    The link is if you get a chance to watch. I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks.

  2. Scott, the fact that you were so close, we are faced with another oddity. If there wasn't any smell that you
    noticed, and if your passing by did not trigger a infra-
    sound response, then are we too assume they can contol
    scent and infra-sound at will or does the cloaking over-
    rule the use of both of these traits? Great job.

  3. WHOA!!! That's AWESOME!!! If I didn't see it,from your cam,,I might not have,,well you know how that goes. Wow. That is flat out intense.right beside the trail.
    Now,if we are to take this as seriously as you've shown us this is Scott,maybe we should rethink many other aspects,encounters,characteristics. I mean,everyone's either experienced,heard,or read accounts of suburb weirdness.Who knows what else may be possible?
    . Unless something else emerges,Scott,you may be the first Researcher to get up close and personal video of a BF's strange shananagins in the woods!! That's awesome,and humbling,lol,for obvious reasons. This throws a whole new set of factors into the already huge set of odds against BF researchers In general.
    Congrats on this footage Scott,and thanks for sharing this awesome achievement with us. We are all a part of a brave new world here,in one way or another. The next few years are going to be an intense and amazing experience,especially for folks like all of us,in the bigfoot and Cryptid community's!

  4. Really cool video! I like your take on this. Maybe there is some truth to the joke about a blurry monster running around in the woods. Makes sense. I have walked up on deer and completely missed them standing right I'm front of me and did not see them until I got their attention and spooked them. If they had been intelligent I would have walked right by and never seen them.