Thursday, March 21, 2013

How Big Was That Bigfoot?

Jim McClarin developed this Sasquatch Weight Estimator. I think it will be a great tool.


  1. Scott, this brings up an enteresting idea for me
    as to a foot comparison to the height-weight chart. The footprint of a 6 foot bigfoot compared to a 16 ft.bigfoot, we would be talking
    about snowshoes for feet to support the weight
    of 6,650 pounds. Think of the weight per square
    inch and the density of the ground required to
    support such weight. We are talking 3 tons on two feet. We would be the rhino/hippo range and
    it would be on a creature traveling up and down
    mountain ranges.

  2. I love this scale and your site. I've been checking in on your site for a few months now, but this is my first post. I'm a bigfoot researcher and have been lucky enough to have several encounters in the 7yrs I've been in this. My first summer I had a terrifying face to face encounter with a HUGE bigfoot. He actually reached into the top of my torn tent cover and felt the nylon between his fingers. Long story short I got a good look at his silloette standing over my tent in the moonlight, there were eight of us there and multiple Bigfoots, at least 6. He was massive and by far the biggest one I've seen so far. At the time I estimated his size to be 8-9ft tall (difficult to tell when your lying at his feet looking up), he was about 4 1/2-5ft wide (as wide as my 2 man tent), had a head about the size of a 5gallon bucket (I saw that well, he pushed his face up to the tent 16inches from my face to smell me through the tent), and I guessed him at around 1100lbs (estimating my size vs his I'm 6ft 1 and 300lbs). It matches up with the chart nicely. They didn't leave many tracks that night, its very rocky and was raining heavily. But a few years later one (I think a younger one) ran up and hit our tent about 0530hrs and left some nice tracks, 13 inches long with an exact 6ft stride, we found over 10 tracks leading from the treeline to our tent at a full run. I love you site and your Dogman encounter is crazy! Much better than the annoying site with a similar background. Thank you for your work, I look forward to much more.