Thursday, February 28, 2013

Residential Bigfoot Visits - February Updates

Night vision still capture from my back yard
People that are new to my research often ask "why do you not put a trail camera in your back yard". If you have been following my research you know that I have attempted over and over to capture the subject that has been visiting my residence. I have used trail cameras, remote hardwired video cameras, and mini-spy cams. The trail cameras were laid face down. Objects were placed in front up the video cameras, and the spy cams stopped functioning or their batteries would run down without explanation.

I thought I would go ahead and put a trail camera in my back yard to see if the Bigfoot would still disable them. It did not take very long. I also placed what I call a "Stick Trap" next to the deck where the Bigfoot routinely step in order to reach the dog food tub they eat from. When checked yesterday afternoon something had stepped in the middle of it! In fact, what I thought was a broken stick was actually a "replacement"! It appears that one of the four sticks that I used for the trap has been replaced by a different stick if similar size, but different shape. This stick also had a fresh break on one end the the broken off section was laying in my trap giving me 5 pieces instead of 4. Did the Bigfoot realize after the fact that it had stepped into my "trap" and destroying one of the sticks found a replacement and put it back? This would not surprise me at all, and be very consistent with tactics and behaviors I have observed before.

Below are the stick trap before and after 

Below is the full video update



  1. Scott, can you comment on Rick Dyers latest claim? He really took the wind out of my sails back in 2008. Thought your Dr. Melba Ketchum report, made thing pretty clear on what is going on.Why don't she go to Europe where DNA labs. are run by the Gov?

    1. This is my comment on Rick Dyer - Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Do not trust him.

      I do not know why Melba did not go to foreign journals, you will have to ask her that one...

  2. Oh wow they are just soooo smart aren't they!

    Scott did you handle the sticks or use gloves. Its like they memorize every inch of your property and then notice anything different.

    1. I handled them with bare hands when I placed them..

  3. Yes.....I wonder if we''ll ever discover just how smart . Kind of makes one wonder how many little items are moved ( a twig , a leaf , a rock , a flower etc.) that goes unnoticed by us or we scratch our head and second guess our judgement , ex...." I thought I put that stick over there yesterday , how did it get back here ! " Are the things they move aloud message to other big foot but a small thing to us ? So many questions ! Also Scott , I notice you mainly focus on what you're seeing and finding and doing , not on the "they said " or "they maybe did " which makes your site truly unique and dignified and reliable. Even though I'm as curious as the next person about all the claims out there right now. I like to come here for reality and authenticity in the big foot research .

  4. Scott, You had said in another video that they were not stepping on the brick around your deck. I wonder what would happen if you put the camera back in the wood pile (someplace different) & squared off around it with bricks, out of arms length of course & away from the tree in the background. Thank you again.

  5. If the spycams' batteries run down or the device stops functioning, it needs better batteries, or warranty service. That's something you can deal with, just like any other mechanical malfunction.
    If a creature messes with the spycam, it should be recording until it gets turned off or whatever.
    Perhaps a sasquatch would detect a spycam when a human wouldn't, better senses or whatever - but as a physical creature they would have to do something to it to cause it to stop working.

    1. The interesting thing is, when tested later nothing wrong with the equipment! This is common and well documented among Bigfoot researchers. They do something, what I do not know...

    2. How do you know it was malfunctioning, then?

    3. Capturing nothing but static for 30 minutes, or dead batteries in 24 hours that were brand new, and yes I tested others in the same lot and they were good. Sometimes they just lay the cameras face down. Trust me I have tried many many ways, short of putting in a complete security system and recording around the clock, and to be honest I dont have the time to review 100's of hours of video. Also get and read the book "Hunt For The Skin Walker" They did have the money and the scientist and all this stuff happen to them...

    4. There are spycams that are meant to be used outside, but they are expensive I think. If it's rainy or humid or cold where you are, that could cause electronics to malfunction unless they're specially designed for it.
      Rather than trying to be sneaky enough to place spycams that they don't notice, how about taking advantage of the observed sasquatch traits to get good images?
      For example, distract them somehow and maybe they wouldn't notice a spycam or forget about it. I like the idea of leaving out some kind of sex toy :) If male sasquatches are attracted to human women, a sexy naked doll would fascinate them :) Even a centerfold tacked on a tree might be of interest :)
      Would sasquatches enjoy beer or some kind of relaxing drug like an opiate? If you could get them a bit tipsy and sloppy maybe they would also get careless about spycams.
      Also, if the cameras were above them, they'd probably be less vigilant. Jeff Meldrum commented about his blimp project, that wildlife is less sensitive to things above them. The same is true of people, they often don't look up.
      People don't usually climb trees around the sasquatches, so they wouldn't expect a spycam set up above them.
      Videocams are usually motion-activated, so they only record when something is happening.

  6. They do something, what I do not know
    That's a big assumption. It suggests that sasquatches can somehow influence the spycam from a distance, and they haven't been observed as having advanced technology.
    Better to check out prosaic explanations first.
    I don't even known if humans could do anything to temporarily disable a spycam from a distance.

    1. Regarding the electrical interference, Lark, here's some data. My own mother had a strong personal electrical field: she could never wear any kind of watch. They would all stop. She also stopped electric typewriters.

      Flowers can communicate with electric fields:

      Platypuses and dolphins:

      There's also the characteristic called "street light interference"; I think a google search will give you some links. We humans use many forms of remote controls to send signals. We just don't normally do this without a manufactured tool! grammy

    2. What I've been trying to tell Scott, is that supposing sasquatches are doing something paranormal - interfering with electronic devices from a distance - ought to be the very last conclusion that a sasquatch researcher comes to. There are quite simple possibilities to explore. As I mentioned, a lot of electronic devices are liable to fail - temporarily or permanently - outdoors.
      Instead, paranormal sasquatch activity seems to be Scott's first conclusion. So his videocams sometimes malfunction. Immediately he thinks sasquatches are doing it, and another bit of paranormal sasquatch lore is born.
      Bigfoot researchers need to be skeptics! Not in sense of outputting Snark, but real skeptics, questioning everything and looking for the already-known explanations first.
      MK may also be one of those people who jumps to the conclusion that sasquatches are doing things. I read a story, I don't know if it's true or not, that MK felt she had been "mind-raped" by a sasquatch at one point. (with no evidence) So it makes me wonder if her DNA study was biased by wanting to prove that sasquatches exist. It'll have to wait until other scientists like Bryan Sykes analyze purported sasquatch DNA.
      Weird stories abound. People misperceive things, they distort things after the fact, etc. etc. No reason to believe any weird story without evidence.
      There's no solid evidence that people have the power to turn street lights off.
      Yes, possibly people can build up static electricity that interferes with electronic devices if they touch them. I read of one such person, who was cured by changing her shoes. Another example of the value of looking for the everyday explanation.
      There's persuasive evidence for sasquatches, but I'm not convinced that Scott is really being visited by them. If so - go ahead and make those crystal clear closeup photographs that he ought to be able to make, persist and don't be fazed by problems with the equipment. As the skeptics very rightly say!

    3. Lark, I could see what you thesis was. I offered the naturalistic examples because you might not have known of them. The electrical interference with cameras and radios is widespread among people who have encounters with Sasquatch. I don't believe it's paranormal at all: that's why flowers, dolphins, platypuses and some humans have the phenomenon.

      The same thing is true of the infra-sound that seems to trigger fear reactions in humans. Elephants, tigers and even the slow loris have infra sound capability. It's not paranormal.

      And Melba Ketchum did not put out that "mind rape" story. Hope your allergies are calming down. grammy

  7. Are these spycams meant to function outdoors, for example? Like tolerant of wet weather or cold?
    A lot of spycams would be designed for indoors.

  8. Scott .. I forgot to thank you for coming forward and sharing your experiences with the big foots residential visits to your place . Many people would be intimidated by public criticism . I think eventually many more will come forward with determined , honest people like you leading the way .Just a thought...on all your missing dog food , today on one of my routes I check daily , in a thick nest like area (tracks and lots of little droppings found , and I was growled out of the area once) My dog stopped and started to dig . . I pulled him back and I started to carefully dig away the pine needles , I found a little cache of cat food , fresh and firm that wasn't there the day before , buried under the pine needles . 250 ft away where I had left a baggy of chocolate almonds 9 ft high tied in a tree the night before ,I was left an animal tooth , fresh pink meat still attached to it, and of course the almonds were gone. I wonder if they take your dog food , or just eat it there . These guys are so smart , the big challenge isn't proving they're out there ( it's been proven ! ) rather the challenge I think will be to find their level of intelligence, which may be so high that it could be beyond our reach .I think that the more people come forward , the more we can understand and live in harmony with them , enjoying them but respecting their space .

  9. scott,

    do you think the bigfoot that frequent your house are the same group that you research in the field? are the distances between the two considerable? if not, then how did/do they know to visit your residence? im perplexed...

  10. I am not surprised at the status of electrical,or video devices. I was an "arm chair" researcher for years,and if I had a nickel for every account or testimony of electrical hoo doo when a BF is on scene,we could all retire! Lol..But,,that is just another of the many,many obstacles we all face. Any skeptic will say,,"so you seen this huge,unknown,creature of legend. And you had a brand new $500 Sony state of the art camera,and you snapped 12 pictures,and they were all not on the SD card???? Uh-huh." IMO,there has to be a good reason for this. I think Lark has a great point,for a few of the cases. But in Scott's,,and many other pros in the BF world,,just like any other serious hobby or lifestyle,a serious person checks and rechecks and,,one more time checks,and still,,,only to have equipment fail,,,at the worst possible time. I call it BF Hoo-Doo,,for lack of a better phrase.