Monday, January 28, 2013

Research Update - Bigfoot Peeking At Me?

Still capture from video
After floods and ice storms I was finally able to get back out into the woods Saturday. ( January 26, 2013). I had changed out the SD card on my last trail camera and was just sitting and watching when I got the familiar feeling that I was not alone. I could not get them to make contact as usual so with time running short I started down the mountain at a brisk pace. My "back trail" camera is always on just in case and on this day I caught a few seconds on something interesting. I pause for a moment because I feel very strongly I am being watched. I point my back in the direction I think the subject is hiding for a few moments then move on down the trail. 

Just five minutes later I hear a loud limb snap on the ridge above me overlooking the trail. I stop and look up and hear 3 of 4 very heavy foot falls. I am not able to spot anything but this behavior has become common. If I am in a hurry and moving fast they almost always do something to get my attention to slow me down. Either limbs breaking, throwing rocks, or yelling at me. Saturday was no different. 

Because of this activity I checked my footage immediately upon returning home. During the time I had stopped on the trail I captured the following on the back trail camera.

 The camera I was using is a SONY HD 1080p camera, yet the photos are still blurry which I find interesting. When I square my shoulders and completely stop the footage clears up some. Is this a Bigfoot or just a dark shadow?


  1. This might be an answer to something I've been wondering. In winter time, when the foliage doesn't allow them good coverage, do they change their surveillance tactics? From your film here, it appears that they do. Thanks for posting this.

  2. To unknown,,that is a very good question. It's baffling. I'd be very curious to hear Scott's thoughts on this myself. When some are smaller,they may be able to sneak about and etc. but when you hear accounts of 9 foot plus and 600 hundred pound range,,,you start to wonder if they go nocturnally only.
    This is a strange pic Scott. I see what looks like eyes,,but it looks as if this subject is of good size,but peeking from behind a very small tree,,it looks to Odd to say a shadow for sure tho.