Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bigfoot Sketch - Bigfoot, Feral Human Follow Up

Sketch of the "Bigfoot"
Based on the still captures from the video I made the following sketch of what the Bigfoot may look like. It looks very much like an older balding man but has the deep set eyes and the wide mouth that is characteristic of the Bigfoot. It is intriguing to speculate is this a Ferrel Human? A Bigfoot/Human Hybrid? or an aged Bigfoot?

Actual still capture on the left - Sketch on the right


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  1. Cool sketch Scott!! He may be an old timer of the woods. That's what I often wonder. If their lifespans are similar to ours. One would think more than Likley. But,,take In account they don't drink,smoke,,eat poorly, they may turn out to live a bit longer. Thanks for sharing this. Definitly unique!!