Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bigfoot Toe Print - Residential Visit

Actual Toe Prints Compared to My Foot
The Bigfoot continue to visit my home and from time to time leave evidence of their visits. The night of January 11th I had a rather large visitor leave behind huge toe prints and partial foot prints. The size of the big toe was 2 1/2 inches wide. This would suggest a Bigfoot with a 20 to 22 inch foot. This is a big one, I would think around 10 feet tall. I have posted a video detailing the documentation of the prints.


  1. ;) Glad I don't live in your neighborhood!

    Seriously, this is excellent information. If those toe prints are from the same individual, two years apart, then the ten-foot estimated height may be their maximum adult size. When I read about sightings of taller individuals, it's just hard to accept that anything that tall can maneuver around human developments. This ten-footer might be at his full height now.
    What did he see from the vantage point up in the maple tree?

  2. Scott,,that's a Big Foot-print!! Awesome!!!

  3. One question,,do you think a constantly recording camera placed really high in a tree pointing down like I mentioned in a email last year could work? Is there enough light present at nite from street lights or etc? This is such an unprecedented event. The fact that these beings followed you from their home to yours,and so far seem to be curious about your home as you were theirs? Seems like that to me. While a majority of individuals in the "real world" would look at this with a different perspective than ourselves involved in this community,,I have no doubt that,maybe in as few as a couple years from now,,, this will be a case study for the first wave of BF books/Manuel's on behavior/characteristics. Thanks for sharing all these personal experiences with us Scott. I've read so many accounts of these situations over the last couple years. Even for someone as myself,with a vast amount of knowledge of subject,tho not first hand,I still have skepticals present,sometimes But when one sees the videos,photos and minutely detailed recreations and etc you present on your site,,the skepticals are off,,and put in the nite stand. There is not much room for another interpretation of events lol.

  4. Scott, I thank you for your interesting videos & blogs. I really enjoy reading & watching. My question is how do the residential visits, that you know of, correspond to your Park outings? Do they happen right after or do they come about if you have not visited the Park area for awhile?
    Another question I have is, are the other people on youtube that I see critiqueing your videos doing it with your blessings or are they just doing it? By the way, It is 10 degrees outside with snow on the ground in Wisconsin.

  5. I find it amazing and a little scary that they have tracked you to your home. The smell of you or your vehicle may be how they track you. I was feeding a stray dog 3 blocks from my home and I would drive every afternoon to where he slept between 5 & 5:15 pm to feed him, he was black lab.. One day I was not feeling well & I did not go to feed him and he was sitting in front of my house at 5:30 & my pops told me "The stray dog is outside wanting some food". The BF must have a keen sense of smell. I like how you match the prints to the casts you already have and give a detailed description of the path the BF took. This is a REALLY BIG FELLOW!