Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bigfoot On The Point - A Detailed Look

I wanted to take a closer look at the Bigfoot that was watching me on the point. Several people have claimed to them it is Pareidolia, nothing more than a optical illusion caused by lights, shawdows, etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but a closer objective look at the subject reveals some interesting things that many overlook.

1. The Bigfoot is holding a limb of a bush in front of its face. Note that the light colored bottom side of the leafs are pointed toward me. This is not natural. The dark side of the leaf should up the light colored underside down. There was no wind blowing, all the other vegetation in the surrounding area is in it's normal state.

2. The Bigfoot rocks its head back and forth. Below in frame 180 the head is cocked to the Bigfoot's left and detail of the left eye is visible. In frame 409 the head is cocked back to the Bigfoot's right. The nostrils, mouth, and eyes are visible in frame 409.

Below I mark the top of the brow over the eyes. Note the opposing angles.

3. The body is visible through the vegetation when I apply a lumina filter.

4. When I apply the "Blurity" filter the left eye detail is visible.
Without filter

Filter applied

Left eye, iris reflecting light

 A sketch made from the original.

Sketch on the left actual still capture on the right

Sketch with actual eyes from still capture used



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  1. Thank you for your detailed explanations. You are a true detective.