Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bigfoot On Trail Camera - Detailed Look

This is footage of the DNA project "hair donors". I have enlarged the area where the Bigfoot are peeking from behind the tree and applied a noise filter to smooth the video out. Detail is lost but movement is easier to see. The face of one of the subject fades in and out of focus as it moved sideways and backward/forward. Some will have difficulty seeing anything and that is to be expected. But you can see the eye shine.


  1. Thanks for slowing and explaining the big foot peeking behind the tree.
    You can see why some natives called them "spirit hidden by woods " "one who runs and hides " "wood man" "night people"
    You have a real sharp eye for detail Scott and catch so much that most miss , that's why you're so good at your research . How thrilled you must have been to get some hair samples they left behind . Thanks again Scott

  2. This is fascinating work: thank you! grammy

  3. I struggled to see the faces in the video. However your still pics are amazing. Is that because you use "the filter" on the stills?