Monday, January 7, 2013

Bigfoot On The Point

Still capture from the video
In July 2010 I am working the public land research area. I have the camera pointing behind me to watch my blind side. I capture a few seconds of what appears to be a juvenile Bigfoot. I feel like I am being watched and turn around. I see some movement as the Bigfoot ducks down and retreats. You can here me say in the video "I see movement".


  1. Scott, I assume this from the camera you use on a monopod and is front facing, since you note your turning around to see it...did you have your shouldered rear view camera back then and if so, did you capture any addition video/views from it? None the less, this is pretty cool...a number of folks have commented on your YT channel about seeing additional your view, do you think this one was alone, or with a group and a bit braver perhaps? Maybe a family unit or several other juveniles like a group of human teenagers? Which is what I meat by my comment "a teenage prank" on your "Bigfoot House Cleaning" video. Great capture...thanks for sharing with us.