Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tis The Season For Giving - Bigfoot Gifts

Over the past three years I have been given several "gifts" from the Bigfoot. Below are a few of them.

The most amazing gift was the Wild Mint left on top of a stack of rocks on a stump. Just an hour before I had walked by this stump and there was nothing on it.

Wild Mint left on top of this rock stack.

Below are the series of feathers left beside the drivers side door of my vehicle each morning for five days in a row.

The hawk skull was left for me at a feeding station. I found it after giving the Bigfoot candy. The skull was clean of all flesh, laying on moss in a "stick structure".  The skull is extremely delicate.

 This feather was sticking in the ground on the side of the trail. I had gone up the trail and nothing was present. I returned 30 minutes later and this was sticking in the ground.

This feather was left in the middle of the trail on top of three large slate rocks. I had walked past and nothing was in the trail, came back about 45 minutes later the rocks were stacked up and this was laying on top.

This delicate mushroom was left in the middle of the trail for me. I had gone into an area where I had placed a trail camera. I had forgotten the batteries and had to return to my vehicle to retrieve them. On my way back I found this mushroom laying in the center of the trail only 10 minutes after I had walked through.


  1. Did you try to root that mint cutting? Just curious.

  2. I can't decide which is my favorite gift. The skull is amazing because it's remarkable that such a strong creature could clean such a delicate object so thoroughly. But I think the bluebird feathers are my very favorite because it shows their appreciation for beauty!

  3. What a wonderful natural culture they are sharing with you.

  4. Those are wonderful. Do you do anything to show them when you pick up the objects that you like them at that moment?