Friday, November 16, 2012

"Rock'N" Bigfoot

Over the three plus years I have been doing research, the Bigfoot and I have played an ongoing game with two sets of rocks. The routine is always the same. I visit the location, bring food, and move the rocks around. When I return the rocks have been rearranged. I have looked for meaning in the patterns that have been left. The 4-1 and 5-1 pattern was a recurring theme for over a year. I always assumed the Bigfoot were saying one of you  and four of us. Later the patterns changed to resemble possible syllabics words.

One of the more active periods was between May and June of 2011. During these two months the Bigfoot did something very uncharacteristic. In feeding station number 1 the Bigfoot began moving the rocks without me making any changes. I started with a smiley face pattern and left it untouched. All I would do is document the changes from week to week. Below are the photographs of the patterns the Bigfoot placed the rocks in.

 After June of that year they stopped manipulating the smiley face in this location. 

At feeding station number 2 the rock movement stayed consist with the "normal" pattern. I would change the arrangement of the rocks then the Bigfoot would move them around each week. Below is an example of these different patterns.

 We continue to play our Rock games, I have been trying to figure out what they true meaning of these formations, in the end it could be just a "game" to them.


  1. Scott, I don't remember the video it was in, but I think it was at the feeding made a large circle, about 2' diameter or so and made the syllabic symbol of °C and I always wondered if anything became of this? Do you remember this and which video it may be in? Just wondering since it may go along with this blog...It's pretty cool that they have played this game...wouldn't it be awesome if they were trying to communicate with any good research, it'll take time to tell for sure and to decipher or decode. Definitely thought provoking...Have you though about sharing this with Scott Nelson, the crypto linguist? Just a thought.

  2. Scott do you remember if you removed a little twig in any of these pictures that could have possibly made an "x" with the magnets before you took the picture? I can remember seeing you in some of the videos picking up a twig and tossing it aside and I was thinking oh that just blew there or fell there but maybe not?

    1. It could have been placed there now that I think about it. I should pay more attention...

    2. It will be interesting to see what you discover. The meaning of the "x" really puzzles me one of your subscribers stated that putting an "x" on her house made things worse...wondering what it's significance is. Be careful.