Sunday, November 18, 2012

Benevolent Wildman Keeps Young Boy Safe and Warm for Three Days

Before the word "Bigfoot" was coined, the 50's TV show "One Step Beyond" did a docudrama about a lost boy that was cared for by a "giant, that was big as a tree". Watch this amazing episode called "Night of the Kill". This story reads like many in David Paulides book "Missing 411"


  1. Hey Scott...wonder why there's no comments here? I watched the video the day you posted it. I imagine they took just a little creative license in producing this program, even though it is supposedly based on a true story...such as the foot prints. They look more like a giant duck rather than the typical Bigfoot. Of course there MAY be a three toed Bigfoot with pointed toes. I guess the public at the time couldn't handle the possibility of a "giant" with feet similar to a human....heck, the public NOW has a hard time believing such a thing. Another typical reaction of humans...we don't understand it, we're afraid of let's KILL it! Guess things haven't changed much since then...

  2. One more thing...where in the world did you find this video?!

  3. I saw this episode either when it was originally aired in 1959, or an early re-run. I remember seeing only one other episode of One Step Beyond (The Tiger); or else those were the only two that stuck in my mind. Oddly, until seeing it again much later, I had thought the creature had carried off the boy at the end, never to be seen again; but perhaps I had missed the ending ("Time for bed"?)