Friday, November 9, 2012

Local County Mayor Declares "Bigfoot Day"

It appears that Animal Planets TV Show "Finding Bigfoot" is coming to East Tennessee. Today in the Knoxville News Sentinel the County Mayor declares a "Bigfoot Day" and announces the crew of the TV show will be in the area. Knoxville is the third largest County/City in Tennessee.

Click link below to read the article:

 Mayor Burchett to proclaim 'Bigfoot Day' Popular TV show coming to Knox County

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  1. Don't take those guys anywhere near your research areas, Scott. All the time and effort you've spent building a relationship with the big guys would have been wasted! If those guys would go into any of your areas there wouldn't be any Bigfoot to be found. They'd relocate to a "quieter" area in a New York second! Not sure how quick a New York second is...but it must be pretty fast cause everybody says it...8~)