Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Addition to Bigfoot Vocalizations Page

I have added a new set of vocalizations and sounds made by the Bigfoot to the Bigfoot Vocalizations Page of this blog. In the sound clips you will hear what I think are a "jaw pop", "rock clacking", "grunting", and "whooping". The last clip was recorded on my back deck at 3:34 AM in the morning. I hid a digital voice recorder (DVR) in the gas grill on my back deck. In the first part you will hear a "snap" or "click" as the dog food tub is being opened. Then you will hear the "Bigfoot" sniff the DVR. Next you will hear it messing with the grill and other items I had left out on the table.

Click here to go to the Bigfoot Vocalizations Page

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