Monday, October 8, 2012

"Bigfoot" In The Cave? (Updated)

In June of 2010 I was walking my usual trail into the National Park research area. Just a few hundred yards from the trail head the trail runs through a small narrow valley and the sides of this valley are extremely steep. There is a cave entrance that is visible in this area that is high above the trail on the steep hillside. I always stop and film this area because in my mind this is the perfect observation post. A Bigfoot could take shelter in this cave and watch a "choke point". It could observe who was going in and out of the area from this one observation point. I should also note this is a very popular trail. It is frequented by families, women, children, and horse back riders. All the ingredients that are appealing to the Bigfoot.

Below is the entrance to the cave:

On this particular trip when I stopped to zoom in and film the cave entrance I notice "eye shine" around the entrance to the cave. It was early morning and the sun was rising behind me shinning on the hill side where the cave is located. I kept zooming in and out and noticed that what ever was making the eye shine was blinking and moving slightly.

Still capture of the eye shine with filters applied in the inserts

I spend several minutes zooming in and out of the area watching the subject come to the edge of the cave entrance, look out, then step back into the darkness. I decided to move to my left a few feet to see if I could get a better angle. When I zoomed in to the area after moving below is what I captured.

When I moved the subject had come out into the light in order to see me down on the trail. In the below photograph I point out the eye shine back in the shadow then the subject once I move.

Eye shine on the right/visible "face" on the left after I moved
 I was able to keep the camera on the subject for a couple minutes before it moved back into the cave. During this time it appeared to be blinking and moving it's mouth. I use animated GIFs to demonstrate this movement below:

The "Face":

The "Eye" Detail:

I still check this cave each time I go into this particular area but since the June 2010 experience I have not been able to catch anything watching me or the trail. 

A look at the cave from the trail.
The cave is on a steep hill and it would take climbing equipment to get to it. One interesting note about this area is just a couple months later in August 2010 the National Park put all caves in this area off limits because of a "rare bat" species. I find this a interesting coincidence.


  1. Scott, have you noticed any type of trail by
    the cave?

    1. I have gone to the hill above the cave but I not found any trails, but the cave is in the side of the hill and its very rocky so they could get to it many ways without leaving sign, there also may be a underground entrance to it..

  2. You keep pulling out those old family photos...what an unusual find. Scott, I'm having trouble figuring out what's what in the animations. Not sure what's the eye and what's the mouth. It's obvious something is moving. It looks like there may be more than one? You think this might be a nesting place or home, as well as a strategic lookout? Given the "rare bat" issue, it sure seems like the park service knows a lot more than they're letting on?! It's a bat alright...a really BIG bat with really BIGFEET! Another interesting discovery...thanks for letting us in on it.

    1. They "eye" is in the upper left part of the GIF the mouth and a hand or something in the lower right of the GIF

    2. Robin,
      I added a couple more pics, a diagram of what I think about the facial features and a close up of the eye. Hope that helps...

  3. The face appears much more dog-like than the images of the dogman you've posted previously.

  4. I read somewhere that the Indians I think called bigfoot the slant eyed something or other. You can really see in this picture the eyes of this creature are slanted, interesting. I thought this was a Bigfoot? Or do you think it is a Dogman? I think I am confused, normal for me.

  5. To me it appears more "dog like" than bigfoot like, above its right eye you can see a pointed ear, and it appears to have a snout (down to the white spot in the GIFs) in the blinking gif, it looks like a dog twitching its nose