Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The "Hillbilly" Sasquatch

I have been asked many times what does a Bigfoot look like, how big are they what color is their hair, etc. I thought I would give you what the Bigfoot in my research area look like. This is totally based on my personal experience, research, and local eyewitness reports. Some characteristics of the Bigfoot in East Tennessee are unique to the Southern United States while others seem to be shared by Bigfoot nation wide.



Average – 7 Feet
Largest – 10 Feet

Foot Size

Average – 17 inches
Largest – 22 inches
Weight (Approximate)
Average – 400 lbs
Largest (Based on depth of footprint) – 800 to 900 lbs

Hair Colors:
Reddish Brown

Skin Color:
Pasty Grey
Black/Dark Grey

Eye Color:
Dark Brown

The heads are round, the brow is heavy and protruding, the eyes are deep set and are hard to see when looking straight at the face, The hair on most is groomed to be off the brow, it many times follows the brow line which gives the Bigfoot a raccoon or what I call the “Eddie Munster” look. Facial hair varies from none at all to almost full coverage. On average the nose is wide and flat, but a few have “human looking” noses that are thinner. The mouths are wider than a human and the teeth are large but square. The check bones are usually high – appear to have a Native American genetics mixed in, I have heard witnesses say except for the brow they looked like and “old stoic Indian”. The lips are thin on most.

General Appearance:
Wide shoulders-appears if they are wearing football shoulder pads, arms that hang down around the knees. No visible neck, the head appears to sit right on top of the shoulders. The heads are round facial hair varies among individual.

Calls I have heard:
Barred Owl Calls, Robin, general “fake” sounding bird calls, jaw popping, grunts, a  “sneeze” that I captured on video, and Whoops.

Mumblings, Samurai Chatter, on one occasion a single spoken word: “Jerahoe”, and yelling in an unknown language (recording authenticated and transcribed by Scott Nelson)

Stick Structures, rock stacking, rock arrangements, and trail markers.

Gifts given to me:
Feathers (Blue Jay and Turkey), rocks, wild mushroom, wild mint, and hawk skull.


  1. Scott, do you think the running conversation
    you have with the rock/trail markers is the result of one individual or who ever gets there
    first? I wonder if the first one's statement is
    respected by the second and not changed before
    you see it.

  2. should try posting thier pictures around the research area with your picture next to it..they might figure that they are no longer fooling you and come out in the open

  3. Oh wow Scott, it's great that Scott Nelson authenticated and transcribed your audio. I hope one day you will share that.

    It's cooled off a bit hasn't it. I sure do feel for you out in the woods with the heat and the bugs.(and all the other researchers too) It's hard work. Thank you.