Monday, September 24, 2012

A "Typical Day" In The Field

Toe Slide Found In Mud Hole, Note Just Four Toes
This last Saturday I combined two of my favorite things hunting and Bigfoot research. It was the opening day of bow season in Tennessee so I went out and enjoyed a day hunting with a little research on the side. I strapped my back trail camera on my shoulder and then went about my hunt.

The "Foot" is at least 8 inches wide. 
This was a typical day in the field. Despite what some researchers say there is not a Bigfoot lurking behind every tree and each noise in the woods is not made by the big fellow. Most days researching is uneventful. This day was no exception. I did have a few odd sounds and was fortunate enough to find a toe slide in a mud hole and a smaller footprint on the trail.

This is a close up of the "big toe". Unfortunately the heavy traffic on this trail had already begun to degrade the track. I only could see four toes, but dogs and horse prints were in the track so there may have been a fifth toe.

Below is the smaller track I found in gravel laden soil. I would think it odd for a human to walk in this wild area barefooted in the rough gravel.

The print measured 9 inches long

 I would classify this as the average day in the woods. Like many I hope each day yields some major discovery but like most things in this world worth doing it takes patience, perseverance, and hard work. Nothing comes easy, especially in Bigfoot research.


  1. any luck hunting wise?

  2. that toe slide is better than most footprints