Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A "Message" From The Bigfoot?

The "etchings" done into the marble at the feeding station
In my latest YouTube video  Undercover Squatchin, I document the movements of rocks and magnets that I leave at the feeding station. Over the past three years I have been playing this game with the Bigfoot in my research area. I put the rocks on way and they move them around sometimes the movement is suttle and other times like recently they totally rearrange them. 

This time the Bigfoot did something very interesting. They did move the rocks around and messed with the colored magnets, but they also made etch marks on the piece or marble that I lay the rock arrangement on. This is a first for me in my research. The Bigfoot removed the rocks, scratched out a pattern into marble, then placed the rocks back over the etching.

Below are how the rocks and magnet were moved around, also note new rocks were left on the ground around the formation:

The question for me is what does it mean? Is it Syllabics? Is it attempt to draw a picture? Is it s symbol of something? A constellation? I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions on this one. They have left me what I think is Syllabics before spelling out the or WA TE which in several native american languages means "Hello brother/friend" or "Come here brother/friend"

The mystery continues for now but I am very encouraged that the Bigfoot actually did something traceable. Instead of just moving things around where there can always be doubt, this time they left behind physical evidence that they took an action, which for this group is a huge step forward!


  1. Hello Scott, great stuff as always. Can you look at the video at around 6.04 to 6.10 and tell me what the black object over your left shoulder is?? It seems to move and change its position slightly. It sure looks like something to me, or is it a trick of the light?? Thank you as always.......Robbie.

  2. Scott,

    I just emailed you some images. My interpretation. Not syllabics, but definitely intelligence. It's a constellation - Orion, the hunter (on first day of bow season - coincidence).


  3. I am sure you noticed this already but I just noticed that the sick you removed from the rock configuration made an "X" our of the magnets...interesting...