Monday, August 13, 2012

Pennsylvania White Bigfoot Video - Real or Hoax?

MK Davis posted a stabilized version of the "Pennsylvania White Bigfoot Video". Thanks to MK you can now see detail that was difficult to see in the original. I have watched this video over and over. Part of me wants to say this is real, but upon closer inspection I found many suspicious items that have lead me to believe this video is a hoax.

In the below photograph I point out what looks like a seam of a hood where it meets the top of the shoulder. I also see no visible ear on the right side of the head, and no hair line.

There is little color variance in the face to the "hair" which is odd. It almost appears that the subject is wearing some sort of "cheese cloth" or spandex white material. I can not find any visible hair, I would think this close up even if the subject is all white you could see some strands of hair?

In the above photograph I point out there is no visible hair flowing off the head or shoulders.  

The face ratios are not correct. In my experience a Bigfoot usually has different facial ratios than a human. The nose is wider than a humans, it usually extends to the center of the eye. The mouth is also much wider. The edge of the mouth will extend past the pupil almost to the outer edge of the eye. Another feature is the distance between the bottom of the nose and the top lip. In a Bigfoot this distance is much longer than in a human.

The above ratios match a humans. Nose inside of eyes, mouth center of pupil, and bottom of nose is centered between top lip and middle of eyes.

The left ear is visible when it turns away from the camera. The ear is large and looks very human. It appears to be covered by some sort of mesh or flexible material.

The ear ratio also matches human proportions. In my experience most Bigfoot ears are much smaller and closer to the temple.

In my opinion this is a hoax. Some thought went into this to make it look realistic and believable. The person put on white make up, then put on some sort of white jacket. On the head a white mesh material was used that fit very tight. Using a flash light with a video camera was the perfect way to cover any flaws and only showing the subject from the waist up. Since no mask was used facial expressions and reaction to the light would be look very natural. Jerking the flash light also made the subject appear like it moved very fast.

You may see it differently, it may look like the real deal to you and that was probally the intention of the creator of this video. Create enough doubt to leave people wondering.

Thanks to MK Davis at least we get a closer and better look.

MK Davis version

The original version


  1. Scott, first I would like thank you and M.K. for
    trying. I think you are right. And I think I saw
    this before in a movie or maybe on the X-Files.
    We have to admit that there are many talented
    hoaxers out there. This just ain't no white bigfoot.

  2. This has always been a tricky one...and quite shocking also.
    Question...#1-Why would someone 'hoax' eyes that are triangular instead of regular, round eyes...really...And of course there are other sightings that have those triangular eyes, so although different, they have been seen.
    Observations..."hooded nose"...there...
    long, thin lips...there..."ears", very different indeed...but totally impossible so to through-the-baby out-with-the-bath-water? Don't know...
    There are white Bigguys...are they so different from the others that they have some kind of fuzzy-fur instead of white hair? Can't make that judgment...haven't personally met or seen every white Bigfoot, or even one myself...So...don't know...
    What about the obvious heavy, deep breathing...hoaxed also?

    My question with this video is "Why would someone go to this length to hoax this?" Why a "white one" then if hoaxing, and not a regular dark one...and what about the MANY reports in the area of various people seeing this creature...AND more importantly, is WHO claims to of taken this video??? That often tells the truth....

    I read your journal everyday...u r doing a great job...very enjoyable...thanks

    1. You bring up some good points. However, the
      Who Claims to Have Taken This Video would stand out as the one point I would focus on.
      If you are going to hoax something just to stand back and laugh at everyone, I think you
      need professional help. If this is real, have
      the guts to come forward and say so even if

  3. I agree with Anonymous. Plus, the reaction time once the light hit his face was FAST! And the head turn was so fluid - did not appear to be a mask or suit at all. Also, harsh light shining on white hair overexposes and hides and obscures a lot of detail.

  4. sorry guys.. i didnt think it would go this far! my college buddy and i did it at a hollaween party for incoming freshmens at a penn st. frat party! i feel awful after seeing it on fb/fb..

    1. Please tell us how you hoaxed it, I think it would be very interesting and helpful!