Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bigfoot In The Back Yard - Night Vision - Preview

Sketch based on actual video image
This is one of the videos I have been hanging onto but I have decided to post it on my YouTube channel in the near future. I wanted to give my Blog readers a sneak peak. These are still captures from a HD video taken using a high end night scope designed for a rifle. The video was recorded from my back deck in November of last year.

A very good friend if mine purchased this to use in his research. When I told him what I had going on around my house he was kind enough to loan me the scope. I figured out a way to attach a HD camera and use it to record. Most nights I will focus it on a location and then let it record until the batteries run down on the camera. 

On the night in question my dogs "raised a ruckess" around midnight so I grabbed the camera and went on my back deck and used the scope/camera combination to look around. By the time I got everything ready everything was quiet, almost to quiet for a neighborhood full of outside dogs. I remember seeing something suspicious in the small view finder of the camera and I zoomed in on it. Unfortunately I could not make out anything while I was filming and went on panning around my back yard.

Remember it was very dark except for some dim light from the homes around mine. The scope makes it seem well lit, but where I took the video was completely dark. When I reviewed the video the next morning I saw what had been causing all the commotion the night before. A Bigfoot was hiding in the shrubbery against my neighbors deck.

I have done a complete and thorough follow up. The neighbors behind me even reported to me they had seen "someone lurking around my neighbors deck" the same night. So I have a eye witness to the event. 

Below are a few still captures and sketches from the video. I will have a complete an thorough video on my YouTube channel hopefully by the end of this week.

The eyes are visible as it looks through the shrubs at me

The face and top of the head are visible. The Bigfoot is leaning out from behind shrubs to peek at me

Sketch based on the still captures of the eyes


  1. Scott, Great work. I was wondering if you might place a camera to catch an imagine of them at your home. Looking forward to seeing the video on YouTube. How tall would you say the Bigfoot is?
    Thanks, Buster

    1. Based on my extensive follow-up the subject was either crouching or possibly on its knees. I stood in the area where he was located and filmed my self both during the day and at night with the Night Vision cam. It appears it was hiding against the deck and peeking out from around the shrubs to look at me. It is very interesting because I was able to duplicate what the BF was doing and only my head is visible. I was able to do this both during the day and at night and I was using a HD camera both times. It nixes the "where is the body argument" and has also given me a new perspective on how they hide and how effective this it is.

    2. Thanks Scott. I am looking forward very much to seeing the video. It's just amazing that they come that close. Thanks again, Buster