Friday, August 24, 2012

Movie Review - "Letters From The Big Man"

I broke down last week and ordered the movie "Letters from the Big Man". I went to the official web site and electronically plunked down my $25.00. The movie arrived Wednesday, so I fixed some pop corn, grabbed a Mt. Dew, and fired up the old DVD player. After watching the movie here are some thoughts:

The music score and the wildness scenery were fantastic. The Oregon country side is breath taking!

The story was ok. The characters and the plot were not developed enough. The movie did not flow smoothly, the scenes felt put together more like a documentary than a movie. The actors did a good job and did the best they could with what they had.

The Bigfoot and its behavior were presented very accurately. To the director/writers credit it was apparent they did extensive research on Bigfoot and its attributes. The movie incorporated many of the common abilities reported by eye witnesses. The ability to use infrasound, tree knocking, gifting, taking food, making shelters, vocalizations, hiding and peeking, and telepathy.

The Bigfoot was presented as the benevolent keeper of the forest, and a gentle giant. While I do not completely agree with this characterization of Bigfoot it was done in respectful way.

The movie also accurately portrayed the stigma that Bigfoot witnesses are subject too. I also liked how they demonstrated that privately many people know about and acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot physical appearance was modeled after the mountain gorilla. The face make up was well done and accurate but the body was not accurate. It was obvious the actor was wearing a costume. The shoulders were too narrow, the chest flat, the belly protruding. The arms were too short and the legs lacked muscular detail. I wonder if budget was a consideration in the make up and special affects.

All in all it was a good movie, for a Bigfoot guy like me worth the $25.00. I will need to watch it a couple more times to see what I missed on the first pass.There is also some very interesting bonus features where they interview the people that were consulted for the movie. The bonus feature is entitled Where We've Been. It contains interviews with seven "informants". To quote the web site  "(these informants) whose understanding of the sasquatch phenomenon we hold in high regard; it focuses not on the usual anecdotal or physical evidence, but offers a cross-section of insights from individual humans whose experiences are at the vanguard of interspecies communion."

Click this link for the movies official web site and ordering information:  Letters From The Big Man


  1. Scott, thanks for the review.Funny how there is
    always something that's not quite right about
    these flicks. Maybe those that have been studying this for too long are expecting more.
    Like me.

  2. I also ordered the DVD and felt pretty much the same. It was refreshing to see bigfoot portrayed as a peaceful keeper of the forest, rather than a roaring, scary monster. I think they could have added in another character who challenged bigfoot in order to show the more aggressive behaviors, like rock throwing, giving off a defensive odor, tree breaking, and obstructing trails with logs.

  3. Scott, in case you didn't hear. Sunday night 8/26
    Coast to Coast AM Linda Godfrey is on, Manwolf Sightings