Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bigfoot and Syllabics

Syllabics is a consonant-based alphabet used to write many Native American languages. These languages include Cree, Black Foot, and Cherokee.

Below are examples of Syllabics symbols


I now think the Bigfoot at my public research area attempted to communicate with me using Native American Syllabics. On January 16th, 2010 I placed a smiley face made out of rocks at the “Stick Shelter” location. When I return seven days later they have been re-arranged.

I first thought that this was the regular thing the Bigfoot had been doing which was placing the rocks in a 4-1 pattern. I looked at this and thought what if they are trying to send me a message? What if this is Syllabics and these are Syllabics symbols? I have heard more than one interview with Native Americans in which they claim the Bigfoot know Syllabics and they use it to communicate with the tribes.

I researched Cree and Cherokee Syllabics and found out some very interesting things. The C and the small circle ° are Syllabics symbols. Read from left to right the “word” that is formed is °C.

I then started checking the phonetics for this possible word and I found that these symbols could represent one of the following sounds in Cree Syllabics: Va Ta, Wa Ta ,Va Da, Wa Da.

Then I crossed referenced this with several Native American Languages including Cheyenne, Cherokee, Cree, Blackfoot, and the list of words from Mary Green's Book - 50 Years with Bigfoot Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence

I found something extremely interesting. “Wa” can be used to mean “come here”, “come and see”, or “visit”. “Ta” depending on the inflection can mean “brother” or “friend”. Put this together and the possible messages left for me were one of the following: visit friend/brother, come here friend/brother, come visit friend/brother.

This is definitely food for thought and the Bigfoot could have just been doodling with the rocks, but I do not think they do anything without a purpose behind it.


  1. Hmmm, very interesting findings.

  2. Scott, since you started the conversation with a smiley
    face, wonder what they thought you were saying, and they
    replied with a greeting; have you tried to send another

    1. I have an on going dialog with them, still trying to understand and make sense of what they are telling me

  3. Scott, fascinating stuff. Will you reply to this message?

  4. Many things are always a "possibility" and need to taken into thought.
    You may be on to something here...Good going, Scott!!!!
    Oh, yeah..I agree...what will be your next response?

  5. This is great. Do any of the stick shapes left in your yard resemble the language symbols?

  6. Scott, I have been trying to get a reply from you on your Bigfoot in the back yard post. I was wondering if your home area is located near any woods. These beings seem to be able to travel without being seen very much. Hope you will reply. Thanks, Buster

  7. The BF appear to be traveling approximately 22 miles from the research area to my home in a small town. There is a rail road track that will lead them directly to (guarded and restricted) thick woods less than a half mile from my house. It is my theory they are traveling the RR tracks to my town, hiding in the woods during the day, and then foraging and dumpster diving at night around my town.

    1. Thank you very, very much Scott. I am grateful for your reply. You are doing excellent research. Best wishes, Buster

  8. Excellent Scott. How can I purchase a copy of Mary Green's book? Are they out of print?