Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turning The Tables On The Bigfoot

16" Footprint left in my back yard in 2011
When I venture into the woods I am going into the "back yard" of the Bigfoot. They know I am there the minute I step into the woods. When I disturb anything they know it. If I put up a trail camera the find it. This is where they live 24/7. So with this in mind I decided to learn my back yard as well as they know theirs. Since the Bigfoot visit me on a regular basis to take dog food I thought I would try something that would show sign of their visits.

7" Footprint left on my deck in, in the snow
I decided to learn my back yard like the back of my own hand. About 3 months ago I put down a brick landing and walk way. I decided that while I was doing my little construction project I would set a little trap for my big friends. I know they visit about once a week and more than likely reach over or through the railing, pull the dog food tub to the edge of the deck, get some dog food and push it back. So I took a shovel and disturbed the ground on that side of the deck. This left small dirt clumps approximately the size of golf balls all along the 10 foot section. 

Area packed down by visitors
I knew if the Bigfoot were coming to one end of the deck repeatedly they would begin to pack down the disturbed ground. The ground around the deck is red clay. The area of ground that I disturbed is under the awning. There are no dogs in this area of the back yard.  I avoided this area so it would not be contaminated. 

It took a while, but I would check the area every couple days. Slowly I started to notice that the ground was becoming smoother and more compact. The clumps of dirt were being pulverized and the area was becoming smooth from all the wear.

Packed ground near dog foot container
Yesterday I took pictures of the area an you can clearly see where the Bigfoot have been repeatedly coming to the end of the deck to get to the dog food. I had turned the tables on the Bigfoot. Using their own tactics on them. Now when they come to my back yard I know it and though I can not fool them with technology, I can from time to time out whit them with dirt!

The area in the yellow square is what the entire area looked like three months ago. The arrows are pointing out the area where the ground was compacted by the Bigfoot.

Post by: Scott Carpenter


  1. That's really neat. I sure wish there was some way they could be fooled with technology, or at least tolerant of it.

    That bigfoot print makes your foot look quite dainty, lol.

    1. Me also, I have tried trail cameras, night vision, even ran a long USB cord under the door to an Logitec Web Cam, and mostly nothing. What I did get is unconvincing unless you know what your looking at.

      The scary thing about that print, is I am a size 11!

    2. Wow Scott, you're a size 11 and that print is huge!

      I wish there was enough of a pattern to their visits that you could camouflage yourself at night and at least observe them in some kind of night op surveillance.

      Good work and thanks for sharing!

  2. Scott, something keeps telling me you have a unique
    opportunity to test the intelligence level of your visitors. Years ago the chicken in a cage was common
    at country fairs and road side attractions. The chicken
    would get get a pellet of food if he got the light to come on or something like that. Give it some thought. You already have them eating the dog food.