Monday, July 16, 2012

Bigfoot Captured On Plot Watcher - Final Follow-Up

Posted by: Scott Carpenter

After a record breaking heat wave, storms that caused two fatalities, and road closures in the Park I was finally able to get back into the area where I captured the “Plot Watcher” video and finish doing a detailed follow-up.

I located the correct tree and mounted the camera in the same location. Captured pictures of me in various locations for size comparisons using the Primos DPS camera.

Here are the results:

Exact distance from camera to Bigfoot: 60 feet
Width of the tree that Bigfoot peeked out from behind: 14 inches
Approximate shoulder width of the Bigfoot: 28 inches
Approximate head width of the Bigfoot: 12 inches

Above is the approximate distance from the shoulder to the middle of the face - 14 inches

The Bigfoot is not a large as I first estimated. Since it was kneeling or more likely lying on the ground the height would be impossible to determine. The ground around the tree slopes down hill. There is a two-foot drop from the front of the tree to the back. Laying beside/behind the tree would afford maximum concealment. 
The approximate head size is 12 inches across at the eyes.

Approximate shoulder width is 28 inches compared to mine at 20 inches (The Bigfoot Photo is a composite not an actual  photograph)

Cut out of the Bigfoot overlaid on me kneeling and standing. The Bigfoot is at the proper scale.

 Below is a composite of the Bigfoot. I take the visible half, copy it, flip it, level it, put the two halves together to get a look at what the old boy might look like.

I will post a YouTube video in the near future with a complete follow-up.

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