Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Second Look At The "Freeman Video"

I take a second look at the "Freeman Video". There are two scenes where the Bigfoot can be seen walking in the clear. I break both down and enhance the best I can.  In the first clip I enhance the "face" of the Bigfoot. In the second the massive size of the body is evident. I enhance and enlarge the profile of the Bigfoot.

1 comment:

  1. Scott, thanks as always for your work. I hope
    someday Paul Freeman's film will get the respect
    it deserves. As with the P/G film we are left with the fact that since there were no Phd's behind either of the film makers's name we are left with a world of naysayers that won't get off their butts to contribute to this study. While today we have the digital equipment for better films, the fact remains the subject still has to be present in front of the lense
    to accomplish this. The terrain covered with trees, leaves, brush, sunlight and shadowes greatly plays into getting the so-called "money
    shot" as you well know. This is my biggest gripe
    with the ones who always complain that they just
    don't see it. I wish I had a nickel for every deer ear I was able to see and that was all. Which brings to another point I find peculiar.
    If more folks would use a pair of binoulars, even in the woods, and Shut Up and Sit Down, their outings may be more fruitful. I consider my eyeball extenders the most useful piece of gear I use.