Monday, July 9, 2012

Evidence - How Much Is Enough?

I have often heard those who were in law enforcement say over and over that if Bigfoot had committed a crime there would be overwhelming evidence to convict. I often wonder short of a body or live specimen what it would take for the “skeptics” to acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot? Each year the mountain of evidence grows and we all are impatiently awaiting the publishing of the DNA study.

I have gained some recognition in the “Bigfoot Community” over the last couple years. Some good and some bad but this had lead to me receiving report after report of Bigfoot sightings. People hear my name mentioned, watch my videos on YouTube, or see my affiliation with NABS (North American Bigfoot Search) and they contact me with their sighting reports. It is amazing how many sightings of Bigfoot there are in just one year. The backgrounds vary from those with doctorate degrees to housewives. It truly is amazing when you look at the “big picture” of what is really going on.

So when I see critics and skeptics blast eyewitnesses and researchers I scratch my head wonder why? Many of the critics/skeptics are just “bomb throwers” who are ignorant of the subject completely. Some critics/skeptics are well educated, professionals in some related field of biology, wildlife studies, etc. Their stance is more difficult to comprehend given their backgrounds. Many times the resistance is institutional; more based on what is accepted science and what subject matters are frowned upon. Bigfoot currently is one of the subjects frowned upon by mainstream science and the related institutions. There has been a crack in this wall lately, but currently the party line is “we will accept the possibility of a bi-pedal ape, but not a possible humanoid.”

The bottom line is what will it take? How much is enough?

The evidence:

Footprint found at my home
Footprints: Dr. Jeff Meldrum has collected hundreds of footprint cast. These cast show variation, toe spray, and dermal ridges. The variation in size form a “Bell Curve” when charted to show there is a breeding population consisting of children and adults. I have documented and collected many prints. So many in fact it’s become commonplace to find them.

Hand print left on the siding of my house
Fingerprints: I have found and documented large fingerprints and hand prints on more than one occasion. Others researchers have also fount fingerprints, hand prints in the mud, or even on trail cameras. Jimmy Chilcutt, a well-respected forensic examiner from Texas, has been on the record for many years now about his belief in Bigfoot because of the dermal ridges found in both the cast of footprints and hand prints. 
Finger prints found on dog food container

Sketch of Bigfoot I witnessed in 2010

 Eye Witness Reports: David Paulides had national renowned forensic artist Harvey Pratt sketch eye witness descriptions of the Bigfoot in both his books The Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot. David would not publish a report or forensic sketch unless the eyewitness signed an affidavit affirming the report was true and accurate.  The BFRO alone has posted over 2,100 reports in the modern era and takes over 500 new reports each year. 

Still captures from the "Freeman Footage"
Video Footage: The Patterson/Gimlin film is still the gold standard, but videos continue to come in from all over the country. Hundreds of videos are posted on YouTube each year claiming to show Bigfoot. The majority of these are unconvincing, but each year a few are posted that leaves you wondering.   It is only a matter of time before a vacationer captures the video we have all been waiting for.
The "Blot Watcher" Bigfoot

Audio Recordings: Retired Navy linguist and professor Scott Nelson has identified a language being spoken on recordings made in the wilderness. The main audio is from what is known as the “Sierra Sounds” but I have also sent him audio I recorded in 2011 that he identified as Bigfoot and transcribed. Scott continues to get bombarded with scores of recordings each year.

Hair I collected that was submitted to the DNA Study
DNA: Melba Ketchum is in the process of publishing a “peer reviewed” paper in a major scientific journal. This DNA paper reportedly will prove the species exist using nuclear DNA results from hair, blood, and tissue samples collected from around the country and the world. I am privileged to be a participant in this study with hair samples I have submitted.  (Sources:, Robert Lindsay, Bigfoot Evidence Blog)

The “Cover Up”

There is one group of agencies and professionals that actually know the Bigfoot exist but do their best to keep this information under wraps. I think the motivation to keep the existence of a free roaming bipedal humanoid hidden from the public centers around money, mainly the fear of the loss of revenue to the communities that benefit from the State and Federal Parks.

A prime example is The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This park generates over 700 million dollars in revenue per year for the communities surrounding its borders. (Source:

Also, over 14,000 people are employed in these communities because of the park.

If the existence of Bigfoot became common knowledge and the fear caused just a 10% drop in visitation to the park the affect would be devastating to the local economies.

The real question in my mind is how much longer can this secret be kept under wraps?  Eventually the DNA Study will be released, a body found, or a video recorded that will get into the public domain.


  1. Scott, it is my opinion the old saying of "Follow the Money" holds some merit here. You
    bring forth a valid agruement about the people that would be affected by an acknowledgement by the feds of bigfoot. Just as David Paulides's books Missing 411 brought forth the feds refusal
    to form a database to allow law-enforcement to
    cross reference missing persons with-in the national parks, I feel it's all about the money
    that could be lost. The people be damned.
    What's wrong with this picture?

  2. I suspect it's also about logging too.