Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Visitor Makes Its Presense Known

Every morning I check the back yard for signs of any visitors (Bigfoot) the night before. This morning (06/13/2012) I found what appears to be an area where my large friend urinated.

The earth was still wet and saturated. This was not present the previous day. The area has a very strong smell of urine. 

It smells like human urine but it is very concentrated, muck like a public bathroom where the urinals have not been flushed.

The hole in the center where the stream hit the ground is as big as my thumb. 

I am making an assumption this urine came from a male, given the pattern and the appearance the stream originated from a distance off the ground. I have contemplated the possibility this was a female squatting. Since no one has ever seen a Bigfoot urinate (that I know of) the only thing I can  be certain of is that it is urine and it was deposited in the over night hours.

 Posted by: Scott Carpenter


  1. How interesting. I wish there was something you could put on the ground that would show footprints, like sand or flour?

    I guess they are marking you and your residence as theirs?

  2. Yes,territorial behavior. Maybe put a stick structure or rock stack by it......just a thought.

  3. A Bigfoot did the same thing to a researcher in Oregon, it was at his campsite and it urinated right by there cooler. He described it the same way, a very large and deep hole where the urine had hit. They later observed the Bigfoot on the edge of the woods using thermal optics.

  4. Who knows if this is animalistic territorial marking? If they are more on the human side it could be a simple as "when you've gotta go, you've gotta go!"

  5. That's awesome! A question revolves around my head. Have you ever asked to any Cherokee member about the ancient forms of communication with Sasquatch? Does the mysterious rocks have any message for you? The ancient Cherokes tried to use rocks in order to send any message for Sasquatch?

    Sorry for my bad english. Your blog is very interesting. Best regards.

  6. Having lived with men who step outside to urinate off the porch, I am wondering if it wasn't staking a claim of its own. Are there females of breeding age in your home? Be very careful. Many hunters are aware that female scent is enticing to wild animals.