Thursday, June 14, 2012

DNA Collection - Got Tape??

Collecting  hair samples has been the main staple for DNA testing. Blood, flesh, and other bodily fluids are more desirable but lets be honest, those are almost impossible to find or obtain. Hair on the other hand is plentiful, can be removed with only minimal discomfort, and if the root or skin tag is attached then you are in business.

Two years ago with some help from David Paulides I developed a method that consistently produced viable hair samples. I wrapped packing tape around a tree with the sticky side out and then above the  tape I would place bacon grease. The subject would lean against the tree to lick off the bacon grease and the hair sticks to the tape pulling it out by the root as the subject moves away. I thought this a good trade off. The possible "Bigfoot" gets a tasty treat and I get some hair samples.

Another very simple method I discovered was to break small limbs in two that hung out over suspected travel routes and trails. I would break these limbs off low, about four feet off the ground. When you break a limb it splinters and if a animal or hopefully a Bigfoot walks by and brushes it with its legs or body the hair will get caught in the splintered area and be pulled out by the root.

These methods are proven to be extremely successful and helped me contribute many hair samples to the DNA project.

For more detailed information see my YouTube video on the subject.

Post by Scott Carpenter



  1. Scott, have you been able to identify any of your hair evidence?

    1. Unfortunately I am under a NDA, so I can not reveal the results.