Saturday, November 18, 2017

White Peeking Bigfoot - Archive Project

I continue to work on the "Archive Project" reviewing hundreds of hours of back-trail video. These videos have not been reviewed, so I am going back through looking for the Bigfoot or other entities I may have capture over the years. This is from the Spring of 2010. Unfortunately I had not upgraded to a HD camera yet. This white subject was peeking at me after I had walked by it on the trail.

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  1. The color white, or more correctly stated, the absence of color is not a desirable feature
    in nature. It lacks a cover feature for those who display it. White in a dark enviroment
    gives away any advantage in predatory pursuit. Thus I believe the white may in fact be a result
    of genetic defect possibly due to a lack of genetic diversity either in the past or present
    breeding population. Or due to a genetic munipulation from outside the population.