Friday, June 10, 2016

LA Marzulli hints that he is testing Bigfoot Hair Samples for DNA - Could this be independent verification of Sasquatch Genome Study?

LA Maruzilli, author, film maker, and lecturer recently let a little nugget slip about Sasquatch DNA Testing. Speaking in late April of 2016 at the “Supernatural Crossroads Conference” in Indianpolis, LA Marzulli was ask if he thought the creature known as Bigfoot was actually a living Nephilim. LA, who has a series of videos called “The Watchers” said the following concerning Sasquatch DNA:  “Sasquatch is definitely Nephilim, we have hair samples that are being tested right now (April 2016), in two different labs, they have a language, they can materialize and dematerialize, we have had many accounts of that

Could this be the independent public verification of the Sasquatch Genome Study that we have been waiting for? I have spoken to LA on the phone a couple times. He is aware of the Sasquatch Genome Study, the circumstances, and the results. Will these results be published in his soon to be released video “Watchers 10”?? 

We have been here before, independent Lab does work that will verify our study, then refuses to go public. Obviously by lack of publication there is an admission that the study was verified, but political and professional pressures, threats of job loss, etc keep the information and results suppressed. Let’s pray LA will release his results no matter what the findings. I have a sneaky feeling his results will be “Human mtDNA and a strange unknown nuDNA that does not match any known species in the GenBank database”.

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