Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bigfoot Sighting - Old Gray

Actual gift - Wild Mint
I had a brief sighting of a Bigfoot that I have had multiple encounters with through the years. It lives in a certain area of the National Park. I was first introduced to him when I was left a gift of wild mint on top of a small rock stack. While I was narrating the find on video he snuck up from behind me and I captured a few frames of video of him. Fast forward a couple years later in the same location and again I am doing a video concerning the gift leaving incident. 

Actual Still Capture
And again while I am filming myself the “Old Gray One” as I call him, was behind me watching me flap my jaws. This video was HD and much better. I even caught movement as he turned from a profile to facing me, then he lowered his head down.

In this same area Les Stroud had a “mind speak” encounter in this same area while filming “Survivor Man Bigfoot” I suspect that the “mind speak” came for “Old Gray”.

Last weekend, 06/18/2016, my wife and I were in the same area and were taking a break on the trail to eat lunch. I had placed my camera off in the woods facing the opposite direction to film our blind side while we ate. I was sitting down and she was standing to my left with the ridge top trail behind her. I was putting the food away in my backpack and turned my head to talk to my wife when the Bigfoot stepped across the trail and down through the woods approximately 90 feet way. 

The encounter lasted but a few seconds as I was able to get a quick view of the upper torso and head from a side view. The encounter was so fast I did not even have time to react. It was there and then gone. No noise no smells, just like a ghost. Below is the video I recorded concerning the sighting immediately after it happen.


  1. Scott, could you see any facial features? Was it the human/Native American type features?
    Greg C.

  2. Yikes! You two be careful! Great documenting!