Sunday, February 14, 2016

White Subject Captured On Plotwatcher

I placed a "Plotwatcher" camera near a hiking trail in my research area. I am attempting to set my cameras where I can "watch the watchers". My wife and I set the camera and left the area. Approximately and hour and a half later this white subject crossed the trail. The camera takes one picture every five seconds. It appears the subject was immediately aware of the cameras presence.

An interesting occurrence that I forgot to mention in the video. The camera had brand new batteries and a 32GB SD card. It should have recorded for at least two weeks. The very next morning the camera took seven photographs and inexplicably stopped working. When I checked the camera the batteries were dead. I had a second camera of the same make and model approximately three hundred yards away from this location and at almost the same date and time it malfunctioned. Coincidence?? I wonder.... 


  1. Ok,Scott, for me there is one possible explanation and that it is an extraterrestrial of some kind???

  2. Bad batteries from the same batch.

  3. Still...pretty spooky no matter what!
    I don't always agree with you scott, but your research is far and above anyvive seen with the exception of the nawac project. So keep on plugging away, you have a dedicated follower in me.

  4. Thanks Scott. What I find interesting about the different
    cases of camera malfunctions, including yours, it reminds
    me of modern warfare. One of the first items we use is
    electronic counter measures to render the other side's
    sight and hearing useless. Such as radar and sonar. Even
    a simple scouting mission would benefit from such measures. While I am by no means inferring the subject is
    part of an invasion force, I still think we are being
    monitored and watched by unknown forces. Perhaps they
    enjoy the show and watch it on Saturday night.

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