Saturday, December 5, 2015

The "Bigfoot Rules" - Rule #1

In  six years of Bigfoot research I have discovered what every other long term researcher before me has realized, the Bigfoot have “rules”. These rules are specific and almost universal. Even the exceptions to these rules are consistent. Of course this begs the question who created the rules and who enforces them? When the Bigfoot world figures that out the mystery is solved. 

What I consider to be rule number one is “do not expose your complete face to a human, ever!” In ninety five percent of my footage the Bigfoot are always hiding and peeking. Most of the time with only one eye and half their face exposed. Even when they are watching me from behind or from a hidden location they still peek around and use branches/leafs to obstruct their faces. 

Another interesting aspect to my video footage is that most of it was captured with a “back trail” camera filming behind me. So even when the Bigfoot know I am not looking in their direction they still follow the rule, no unobstructed views of the face.

Below is a video showing just the cut outs of some of the Bigfoot I have captured to demonstrate how they hide and obscure their faces.


  1. Hi, Scott! I've been reading your blog for 3 years now. You've been very clear writing that they have visited your home and neighboring properties. I'm wondering if you've ever had any inexplicable noises in your own home? Attic, basement, etc. Also, have you had your house "slapped"?

    1. Yes, slaps on the side of the house, actually thumps, hand marks on the house, etc. I have been fortunate and nothing inside my home, but I do know of a researcher that had one footprint approximately 16 inches in length placed in a grass mat on the inside of their house...

    2. Hi, Scott! Thank you for your reply. I do believe my home had been slapped, too. A concentrated area of force seemingly shook the whole side of the house as well as the air (strangely enough.) No damage to exterior from what would seem such a great impact. A footprint on an interior mat? Extremely unnerving, I think. Yes, I DO think they have talents we can't explain. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and research. You're cautious and I think that is a good way to approach these beings. Best wishes to you!

  2. Scott, Happy Holidays. Rule #1 brings forth an interesting
    thought. While the our friends are reluctant to expose
    themselves fully and seem careful to conceal at least
    partially their faces, how many are not revealed? If we
    can use your research as a survey of different individuals, and we figure in a portion of the population
    unseen, do you care to hazard a guess of the total in
    your area at any given time?