Monday, September 21, 2015

Bigfoot Vocalizations and Whoop Responses

On September 20th, 2015 I was hiking with my family in an area of high Bigfoot activity. This location in the National Park has been producing activity for me since 2011. The activity in the area  includes footprints, video captures, and gifts being left on rock stacks.

When the TV show Finding Bigfoot featured me on their program they used this area in a night time investigation. On camera they had a tree pushed over near them. The following season Finding Bigfoot returned to the area and again it produced with clear vocalizations being recorded on camera during a night time investigation.

This area was also productive for Les Stroud when he featured me on his show Survivor Man Bigfoot. In a radio interview Les admitted that he experienced "mind speak" in this area while alone after dark.

Below is the September 20th video containing the whoops and the responses to my whoop.


On September 20th we were walking up a trail into the area of high activity. A couple were coming down a trail that was across the ravine from us. We heard a loud "whoooop" on the ridge above us. Then a few seconds later the whoop was answered from a ridge top across from us on the other side of the ravine. It was apparent we had not been spotted yet by the BIgfoot, and they were signaling each other about the couple coming down the trail across from us.

Later, to my wife's objections, I made one whoop of my own, which was immediately responded to by two calls. All these can be easily heard on the video.

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