Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bigfoot or Entity Enlarged and Enhanced

I took the time to enlarge and stabilize the footage taken by Bob Garrett in his video "Three Miles In". What ever this is it is not the wind blowing or camera distortion. As it passes between two trees there appears to be a humanoid looking shadow cast by the subject. This looks just like the creature in the Predator movies. I have witnessed this myself on more than one occasion during my research. It can be extremely unsettling to know you are being watched or followed by something that is invisible to the naked eye.


  1. Well let's see. Swamp gas, run-a-way airboat, lost UPS driver, or maybe something we don't have a name for yet. I'm betting on the latter. Just because we are always on the lookout for a bigfoot, it does
    not mean everything we see is a bigfoot. In the book " Hunt for the
    Skinwalker " we were introduced to a wide variety of critters that those
    who witnessed them were at a loss for names. While the jury is still out
    on whether or not UFO 's are stopping to let their pets run for a while
    or if portholes are opening to let new critters roam, maybe there is
    something out there besides lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

  2. I wonder if the entity/bigfoot has the same capabilities as the octopus or cuttlefish? They are not invisible per se, but their skin can mimic exactly the surrounding to very minute details and seem invisible. I wonder if there are similarities?

  3. Old Man's right. ..a big mysterious forest