Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Gray Entity

During a Bigfoot encounter in July of 2013, where I was surrounded by Bigfoot snapping limbs and stomping the ground, I captured footage of strange gray entity with large almond shaped black eyes. Is this a "ET" or something else? Is it with the Bigfoot? Is it the reason for all the activity around me?

More questions than answers. I have captured these gray entities more than once during my research. They seem to show up when I least expect it and always uninvited.  One small one was clinging to the side of the Dogman that I captured on video. Another showed up on a game camera at a feeding station.

There have been reports of UFO sightings around ares where Bigfoot encounters have occurred. In some cases the Bigfoot were reported to be on or around UFOs. Both communities are reluctant to discuss the link. But my own experiences and this video help lend credibility to these reports and the possible link in these two phenomenon. Yes Bigfoot and UFOs, very strange bed fellows.


  1. People cannot believe a creature, like Bigfoot, could stay hidden this long, and now you have proof there is a whole lot more than Bigfoot hiding in plain sight.
    Fascinating stuff, Scott. Thanks for sharing, and especially thanks for having the courage to keep researching, when you have found enough to unnerve most men.
    Stay safe.

  2. These Crypto Creatures are with out a doubt connected to other worldly or dimensional biengs. It is time for the Bigfoot community to stop lieng to thier selves and accept it. Our Science is not developed enough to know about this.

  3. It almost looks like it is smiling at you! Creepy...

  4. Scott, they are strange to say the least! I wonder are they infant and juvenile bigfoot amusing themselves at your expense?

  5. This should not come as a surprise to anyone that has followed this
    story for years as I have. When there are so many unanswered
    questions, the book has yet to be written that covers everything.
    Refusing to even consider other theories leads to more of the same

  6. Excuse me for a moment, but would like everyone to take a little time
    and visit NABS's site and read the latest report posted by
    Richard Hucklebridge concerning an encounter by a lady named
    Adrian. I believe this could have been worse than it was but for luck.
    Lone hikers and particularly ladies need to take heed and carry a bear
    spray and/or a major caliber sidearm. While we all enter the forest with
    the best of intentions with peace in our hearts, please remember there
    are circumstances that arise that are beyond our meager control.

  7. I think the grey is a EB... Extraterrestrial being. I don't know how you do it. I wild be a wreck